June 12th, 2021

// Switch Health introduces AuraPass as the next step to safely reopen Canada’s economy

Switch Health introduces AuraPass as the next step to safely reopen Canada's economy

TORONTO, June 11, 2021 /CNW/ - Switch Health today announced the introduction of AuraPass, its groundbreaking digital vaccine and COVID-19 test verification technology that paves the way as the next reliable solution in keeping Canadians safe, as the country begins reopening for business.

AuraPass is a privacy-first, three-step medical record and results-sharing solution, that will verify a patient's government-issued ID, vaccination status, or recent COVID-19 test result, to help facilitate Canada's reopening. AuraPass holds historical vaccination and COVID-19 result data for registered patients through its encrypted blockchain technology that allows the user to securely share required status with venues, airlines and workplaces as they choose. The technology's cutting-edge standards and framework are aligned with those due to be discussed at this week's G7 meetings, with Canadian privacy standards at the forefront, allowing for future integration and communication with partnered countries for the purposes of travel. 

Indicative of its seamless and interoperable design, the technology is already compatible with over two dozen leading airlines around the world with more being added weekly.

"Canadians are ready and eager for life to get back to normal with the peace of mind that they are doing so safely and securely," said Dr. Gregory Taylor, Chief Medical Officer at Switch Health. "Once public health officials across all Canadian jurisdictions set the guidelines and recommendations, AuraPass will be ready, with partnering organizations, to welcome them back safely."  

"AuraPass is a safe and sustainable solution to help industries that have been hardest hit during the pandemic to begin their journey back to recovery," said Dilian Stoyanov, Chief Executive Officer at Switch Health. "To reopen, and stay open, Canada requires a Canadian-owned solution that puts patient privacy first and bridges jurisdictional healthcare gaps."

AuraPass will empower Canadians to share vaccination and testing status with partners in order to get back to our favorite activities, whether it be attending a concert or hockey game, going to the movies, boarding a flight or dining out at a restaurant. 

AuraPass will be accessible to everyone in Canada and powered by Switch Health's secure, proprietary patient portal ASMO, which has been a relied on by hundreds of thousands of Canadians for at-home COVID-19 testing and results-reporting throughout the pandemic. ASMO currently allows for the secure integration and sharing of health data between the patient, trusted laboratories, and public health authorities. AuraPass will also be compatible with Canadian and international protocols to facilitate travel. 

About Switch Health

Switch Health Holdings Inc. (Switch Health) is an industry leader that is transforming how healthcare is delivered in Canada through cutting edge decentralized next generation diagnostics and patient-focused digital solutions. Switch Health developed an end-to-end, innovative, and accessible testing-solution in Canada's fight against COVID-19, with its at-home and mobile collection kit to test Canadians safely, rapidly, and reliably for COVID-19. Switch Health offers its gold standard of rapid and PCR testing in over 200 languages from the comfort peoples' homes or workplaces, with the guidance of trusted healthcare professionals and the delivery of results through some of Canada's top laboratories. 

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