May 21st, 2020

// Switch Health Launches First Mobile Rapid Testing Unit (MRTU) to Fight COVID-19 in Canada

Switch Health Launches First Mobile Rapid Testing Unit (MRTU) to Fight COVID-19 in Canada

TORONTO, May 21, 2020 /CNW/ - Today, May 21, 2020, Switch Health Holdings Inc. (Switch Health) is pleased to announce the launch of its first Mobile Rapid Testing Unit (MRTU), designed to assist in the fight against COVID-19. Switch Health, a Canadian health solutions provider focused on patient-centered point-of-care, has partnered with leading Canadian laboratories to expand COVID-19 testing across the country. 

Switch Health has an initial fleet of 30 rapid testing vehicles, staffed with registered healthcare professionals, support staff, and personal protection equipment, with ability to rapidly deploy 250 MRTUs. Switch Health staff are trained in nasopharyngeal swabbing specimen collection, which will then be delivered to lab partners to run testing diagnostics. As well, Switch Health has entered into a strategic partnership with a leading onsite DNA detection platform to offer point-of-care testing.

Switch Health MRTUs have the capacity to test entire enterprises and communities efficiently, including elder care facilities, remote communities, and essential businesses and organizations. Such widespread and targeted testing will assist in providing the confidence necessary for individuals, employees and businesses to safely open the economy. 

Switch Health is able to rapidly respond to COVID-19 flare-ups and presents an enduring solution to assist preventing further economic and societal shutdown. Specific to business, the Switch Health solution comprises initial and ongoing testing combined with regulated facilities entry surveillance monitoring by proven and tested hardware and workplace sanitization. 

"COVID-19 is an all-hands-on-deck situation which is why we've crafted our public health and business to business solutions to help Canada get back on track," says Marc Thomson, Chief Operating Officer at Switch Health.

"Testing is the key to opening society, restarting the economy, and most importantly, saving lives. By being able to rapidly identify, test, trace, and isolate COVID-19 cases, Switch Health will be a long-term partner to keep Canadians safe and healthy, and our economy strong," Mr. Thomson added.

About Switch Health:

Switch Health is a leader in connected disease management, having worked with pharmaceutical companies to assist in developing modern connected diabetes diagnostic devices, and more recently in the arena of technology transfer, licensing, distribution, and deployment of broader diagnostic devices, services, and their required secure digital platforms.

Switch Health currently services clients across Canada, USA, Switzerland, Germany, UK, Australia, South Africa, Spain and Singapore. The Switch Health team prides itself with world-class advisors and medical researchers, and has long standing relationships with clients such as McKesson, Ascensia, Bayer, Takeda, Roche, and AstraZeneca.

SOURCE Switch Health Inc.


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