May 15th, 2019

// Tastebudz by VAPZ – Bringing International Arts and Culture into the City of Vaughan

Tastebudz by VAPZ - Bringing International Arts and Culture into the City of Vaughan

VAUGHAN, ON, May 13, 2019 /CNW/ - Tastebudz by VAPZ, Health and Wellness company, is bringing talented figures to the city of Vaughan through its partnership with the Vaughan International Film Festival. On Apr. 26, 2019, they announced that their partnership with VFF will bring in actress Mischa Barton as the Independent Leader. 

This year's Indie Leader Award will go to Mischa Barton, who is best known for her character Marissa Cooper in the hit Fox TV series The O.C. She follows in the footsteps of Michael Madsen, William Baldwin and many more leaders who have made their mark in the industry through hard work and dedication.

"It is especially thrilling for me personally to be playing a significant role in bringing a talented and internationally recognized female actress like Mischa Barton," said President and Owner of Tastebudz by VAPZ, Sandra DeMaria.

The festival will be going into their seventh year and will be taking place throughout the week of May 13-17th. This festival provides a platform for high school students and established filmmakers alike to present their art. VFF also organizes industry seminars for high school students, which brings to town many notable celebrities who share their invaluable experiences and expertise with the students. This year, students will have an opportunity to catch the voice of Dora, Fatima Ptacek, see X-Men stuntwoman, Tally Rodin, and hear Tori Letzler, a composer whose credits include Captain Marvel.

"We are proud to be a celebrity sponsor for the fourth year because of the role VFF plays in bringing local and international artists and awareness into our community," said DeMaria. 

Co-founded by Antonio Ienco and Mark Pagliaroli, this festival commences with two screenings showcasing local high school short films and the first block of international short films. Leading into the high school seminar on the Tuesday and second night of screenings on the Wednesday, the event runs a full week long.

Their continuing Presenting Sponsor, Scotiabank, has taken the leadership role in ensuring that this festival continues to run so that the community may continue to celebrate the arts year after year. Aside from their major partnership with the festival, a lot of other local businesses work to help support the festival.  

The festival ends with an elaborate Awards Ceremony and a Celebrity Luncheon, which brings together industry professionals and an audience in celebration of film. Our awards will go to the best film, best director, best actor and actress, best cinematography, best student film, and a film chosen by the audience.

Don't miss this incredible opportunity to be a part of our annual celebration and view incredible short films, along with up-and-coming artists.

Get your tickets now on our website at

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