October 6th, 2020

// Tenera Care Revolutionizes Senior Care Amid Global Pandemic

Tenera Care Revolutionizes Senior Care Amid Global Pandemic

HALIFAX, NS, Oct. 6, 2020 /CNW/ - Tenera Care, a wearable technology and data analytics platform, has become an invaluable tool for contact tracing in long term care facilities. With the COVID-19 pandemic, long term care facilities facing new challenges require unique solutions. Tenera provides a new way to protect and serve residents to adhere to COVID-19 protocols. 

The wearable device pinpoints an individual's location within 15cm. This level of accuracy is extremely effective in managing contact tracing when worn by all residents, staff, and visitors to a facility. During a global pandemic, this technology provides a level of transparency and visibility and means only people who need to be quarantined, are quarantined. 

"We now have an evidence-based approach for contact tracing to determine quickly and accurately who's at risk. Prior to Tenera, we used our best guess. Going forward, this technology provides us precise answers to where exposures were greatest so we can minimize the risk for people working and living in the building, and maximize the number of people who can come to work," said Jason Shannon, President of Shannex, a Halifax-based long term care continuum operating in Ontario, Nova Scotia and New Brunswick.

A widespread installation of this platform presents an opportunity for public health. Tenera has been in discussions with provincial governments to finance the installation of the platform in long term care facilities. On top of the health benefits, this platform creates efficiencies in scheduling, with tangible savings to staffing costs. 

As Canada enters a second wave of COVID-19, finding ways to flatten the curve and protect the health of Canadians in long term care and beyond is more important than ever. Tenera sees the future of this platform in other industries like manufacturing. If implemented on a large scale, this contact tracing technology will be effective in supporting the health of our people and of our economy.

About Tenera Care

Tenera Care exists to help families live happier, healthier and safer lives. Tenera's platform provides reliable, modern, real-time technology to senior living facilities to monitor and analyze the health patterns and activities that impact the safety of residents and staff. Reducing risk and changing behaviours offers the best possible setting to provide care to residents and better work conditions for staff.

SOURCE Tenera Care

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Media Contact: Stewart Hardie, CEO GeoNavo Positioning Systems Inc. & the Tenera.care Platform, 902 403 3838, stewart@tenera.care


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