May 3rd, 2018

// The BRONX Grip Bluetooth Earpiece – Gift For Dad

The BONX Grip is a Bluetooth earpiece that allows cellular-network-based group communication with up to 10 users – anywhere in the world. The design is made to fit your ear without pinching or rubbing, and the built-in shock resistance allows the product to stay comfortably in place during just about any outdoor activity.


This unique combination makes BONX the perfect gadget for the active dad who wants to stay connected with the pack during his Saturday road ride, or while hiking up for a lakeside picnic with his partner and children. Here’s why:



  • Hands-free, Bluetooth earpiece connected to an original smartphone app
  • Switch between personal music and incoming calls with one single touch
  • Water resistant, shock resistant and made to ‘grip’ the ear, staying put during rigorous outdoor activity
  • Dual microphones with multi-layer wind and noise reduction technology ensure crystal-clear speech, and transmit voice only when a user speaks, preserving battery and minimizing cellular data usage
  • Open-back earphone enhances safety in all environments allowing the user to hear surrounding noise – including the kids.
  • MSRP $139.95 USD



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