April 4th, 2017

// The Dirt on Ingredients To Watch Out For In Toothpaste

Natural personal-care line founder, Shannon Drake shares the dirt on ingredients to watch out for in toothpaste to keep your pearly whites white, and your body safe from toxins 

Have you ever read the ingredients in your toothpaste? Scary right? Founder, chief beautifucication officer and lead dirty girl Shannon Drake will help guide you  through the top toothpaste ingredients to look out for: the good, the bad and the ugly! She developed this super-natural line The Dirt, only four years ago, and swaps out only all-natural ingredients completely natural and free of gluten, soy, corn and grain. Drake invented the first ever MCT (coconut oil) based toothpaste and top selling clay toothpowder, and has developed a cult following accross the country and beyond.
"I want to change our morning routine into a self care ritual. We are gifted these amazing human bodies for our short trip around the sun, when we take care of ourselves we are showing our appreciation for this amazing opportunity we are given. By changing our routines into a self care ritual we are fundamentally changing our experience of reality into one based around a pleasurable, luxurious, engaged human experience. As a long time practitioner of the paleo lifestyle I noticed  something about my favorite natural products... they were pretty lame. Many used ingredients that were highly processed, questionably safe and just seemed 'green washed'. I felt really let down," explains Drake, "Using the principals of the paleo lifestyle; a 'whole foods' life style based on clean eating and high nutrients I drew inspiration from my passion for studying traditional beauty secrets from around the world to craft high quality, beautiful and natural products for women, men and kids too."

Here is the good, the bad, and the ugly on toothpaste and what to look out for:

The Good

Coconut Oil - Everyone’s favorite oil, it is anti-bacterial, anti-viral and helps to balance and moisturize the delicate skin on the mouth protecting against sores and dry mouth.

Bentonite Clay - An amazing edible clay that has been used to detoxify the body for hundreds of years!, It is a mild abrasive and is gentle on teeth.

Myrrh - Used since ancient times to heal and protect the gums, it is Anti-bacterial and naturally heals wounds and sores of the mouth like canker sores.

Clove - Is a natural toothache aide, a little bit of close will not only numb tooth pain but also helps to fight any infection that may be causing the pain.

The Bad

Artificial sweetener - Aspartame, saccharin, Sucralose, mother nature didn’t make these and you should avoid them in your toothpaste. They are associated with many chronic diseases like shrinkage of the thymus gland, reduced growth rate, dementia, some cancers and immune diseases. These sweeteners are in a lot of processed foods so many people already get a high dose of these sweeteners. They are easily avoided in toothpaste.

Artificial preservatives - Artificial preservatives can cause inflammation in some individuals, also some people have bad reactions to preservatives and may get dry chapped lips or break outs from these preservatives touching their lips during brushing.

The Ugly

Plastic Microbeads - Plastic is ruining our planet and while it may be hard to avoid completely it is easily avoided as an ingredient in toothpaste. sparkly bits, flecks or white dots clue you into plastic micro beads in your paste. Not only do these tiny beads get into our water system and poison fish but they also can wedge themselves in-between your teeth and gums, opening up space where bacteria can plaque can settle.

Propylene glycol -  When derived from petroleum Propylene glycol is an artificial substance the is not optimal for your system.

Triclosan - Used as an anti-bacterial agent triclosan kills not only the bad bacteria but also the good bacteria in your mouth. It also gets into the water system and kills microscopic organisms that are essential to the eco system. It was developed to be a pesticide and has been tied to endocrine disruption, thyroid disorders and one study showed it gave mice fetal bone disorder. People who use Triclosan toothpastes have been shown to have it in their urine, proving that although we spit out our toothpaste, the chemical ingredients still get into our system.

Click here to see our video with Shannon explaining the good, the bad and the ugly on toothpaste


Shannon's natural must-have solutions to keep your mouth minty fresh, teeth pearly white 

Oil Pulling Mouthwash - $40

Why yes, you read that right - this excellent elixir is both an oil pull and a mouthwash. Fancy a fix of fresh breath? Gargle a gulp for a stint to fend off the funk with clove and mint. On a quest to invest in your oral best? Savor a swig with glee to exile toxins with clove and sesame. So whether you need to rally for a stroll down makeout alley, or embark on a trek to dislodge bacterial drek, our Oil Pulling Mouthwash has that secret sauce that'll keep you saying 'dang, this stuff is BAWSE!'


MCT Oil Toothpaste - $10/$15/$30

The Dirt's MCT Oil Toothpaste, an effective and tasty alternative to synthetic oral care, is a small but mighty. The MCT Oil Toothpaste improves oral health through the use powerful, natural ingredients while building a unique flavour profile. For lovers of the classic toothpaste taste, Rose Cocoa Mint features a strong mint flavour.  Looking for a milder flavour? Give Sweet Cinnamon a try. Last but not least, Cocoa Mint boasts the unique flavour of both bold mint and sweet chocolate.



Dirty Balm Lip Treatment - $10

Can't get enough of the lip balm? The Dirt has got you covered with their Dirty Balm! You've tried every lip balm on the market but you're about to meet your match. The Dirt's lip balm uses traditional beauty secrets from around the world to provide the most effective lip care you have ever tried. This is the BEST lip balm on the PLANET!


Trace Mineral Tooth Brushing Powder - $30

Voted top tech beauty product of 2016 by Instyle on the Today Show,  give mom the  The Dirt's original and best spiced trace mineral tooth brushing powder! Did you know the glycerin in modern toothpaste can coat your teeth and prevent the natural process of re-mineralization that keeps your teeth strong and white? The Dirt is made to support your natural re-mineralization process and get your teeth back to their strong, sparkly selves. It has a sweet spiced orange flavour that will leave your mouth feeling clean and spicy!

Anti-Microbial Copper Tongue Scraper - $10

Give the gift of fresh breath with The Dirt's Copper Tongue Scraper. The Copper Tongue Scraper removes the gunk that brushing alone simply cannot. Why copper? Various forms of copper have been used for medicinal purposes throughout the history of mankind, the Egyptians used copper for their water pipes, ship builders used copper to keep algae off ships, copper has recently been tested in the fight against the deadly MRSA virus.


Clean Mint or Sweet Cinnamon Natural Breath Spray - $10

Looking for an all natural breath spray free of alcohol, artificial flavoring, GMO glycerine or xylitol? The Dirt has the answer for you! Their Breath Sprays use only MCT Coconut oil, therapeutic grade essential oils, and solvent free stevia extract to give you that fresh minty breath you crave, plus a pick me up of healthy essential fatty acids. What other breath spray can do that?  And in honour of Earth Day, their 1oz amber glass bottle keeps your spray fresh while looking sleek and reducing the use of plastic. Recycle the bottle or re-purpose.

Pair with their Toothpowder or MCT Coconut Oil Toothpaste for fresh breath that can't be beat!


About The Dirt: The Dirt Paleo Personal Care was founded to start a revolution. We were not satisfied with the natural product lines on the market, many a 'green washed' to look much safer than they actually are and most use soy or corn byproducts which are cheap and unnecessary fillers. We demand more!  We invented the first ever MCT (coconut oil) based toothpaste and top selling clay toothpowder, and has developed a cult following accross the country and beyond.

All of our products are Soy Free, Corn Free, Gluten Free, Grain Free, Cruelty Free and Natural. We don't use fillers, ever! Our essential oil blends are formulated to preform not just smell good (Sorry other guys). Everything about our product blends is intentional... and awesome.

Because, why should your healthy lifestyle stop at your plate? Fix your face! The dirt is 100% natural 200% kick-ass.

The line has been featured in many media outlets including InStyle, Vogue,  LouLou, Flare, Well+Good, Beauty Editor, The Kit, and The Today Show. Shannon is a great resource both on and off camera and is available for sound-bites or or interviews.

About Shannon Drake, owner and founder: I've been a long time practitioner of the paleo lifestyle. After sticking to an extremely healthy routine, I started to notice something about my favorite natural products... They kinda sucked. I felt let down, many used ingredients that were highly processed, questionably safe and just seemed 'green washed'.

Using the principals of the paleo lifestyle; a 'whole foods' lifestyle, clean eating and high nutrients I drew inspiration from my passion for studying traditional beauty secrets from around the world. I blended potion after potion until the ultimate formulas were created. 'The Dirt' Paleo Personal Care was born.

Ingredients: We're taking 'natural' to the next level. Our blends are made using the highest quality natural ingredients and they are also specially formulated to work with your body in very specific ways. We use essential oils for their healing properties, absolutes for their aromatherapy properties and oils and butters for their nutrients. While you may love a mint lip balm we would not recommend using menthol in a healing balm because it is a mild skin irritant. Likewise olive oil is high in Oleic acid which while moisturizing, can trigger acne in sensitive individuals. In a world full of amazing natural ingredients why settle for 'good enough' we strive for best.

What you will find in our line:

Pure, glorious essential oils
Natural high nutrient butters
Luxurious fatty oils (Don't fear fat!)
Mineral rich clays and salts

What you wont find:

Cheap fillers like soy bean oil or palm oil
Corn or corn by-products like Maltodextrin or xylitol
Harsh essential oils that can damage delicate skin
Gluten or Grains
'factory farmed' bees wax
Artificial preservatives

The line can be found online, and can be shipped Nationally in both the U.S. and Canada


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