December 7th, 2017

// The Great Q-Tip Debate! Clean Your Ears SAFELY Now and As You Age

According to the U.S. National Library of Medicine, earwax plays a key role in how the outer ear canal cleans itself. This canal connects the outside visible part of our ear with the eardrum. Although dirt can get into the outer ear canal, most of the "dirt" found in the ear is made up of tiny dead skin particles. These dead skin particles are normal because the skin keeps renewing itself through constant shedding. Glands in the ear secrete fats and other substances to keep the inner ear soft and protected. Earwax is one of these substances.

Unfortunately, some people create more ear wax than others – especially as we age and increasingly use devices like in-ear buds and hearing aids –  wax can build up and become impacted causing infection and hearing loss. Using cotton swabs isn’t recommended but using a product like Clear Ear is as it safely removes earwax from your outer ear safely.

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Clear Ear Build-up of ear wax is one of the leading causes of preventable hearing impairment. Every day, we use in-ear devices to communicate or listen to music, which impairs the ears natural self-cleaning mechanism. Some wear hearing aids which can cause issues with ear wax build-up. Oto-Tip's patented spiral spin technology offers a safe, simple method to clean ears daily that removes ear wax without the risk of damage to the ear canal or ear drums, enabling you to enjoy the sounds around you.

Age range:  3+ Years

MSRP: $49.99

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