October 5th, 2016

// The Great Train It Right Pumpkin Butt Challenge – Downloadable Calendar

The Great Train It Right Pumpkin Butt Challenge

Summer is over and fall is here. That meals its pumpkin season. And if you are like me you love all pumpkin everything. The problem is that most pumpkin treats are loaded with sugar. Here is the great train it right pumpkin butt challenge that will show you how to combat those delicious treats! Grab your workout gear and get your butt on the move!

Download the PDF version here:

Train It Right - Alicia Bell - October Challenge




Stand with shoulder width stance. Start holding the weights in a standing position with your legs straight. Lower weights toward top of feet by bending hips and keeping the weight close to your body. Hinge back to starting position while keeping the legs straight making sure to squeeze the glutes at the end range for 1 second. Repeat.

Single Leg Glute Bridge

Sit on the ground with your upper back against the floor, with your knees bent, place one foot on the bench in front of you. Lift the other leg and keep it straight. Squeeze your glutes as you raise your pelvis high enough off the floor to create a straight line between your knees, hips, and shoulders. Pause for 1 second at the top before lowering. Repeat for both right and left legs.

Squat Jump

Stand with your feet shoulder width apart, drop down into a squat with your head and chest straight. Then power through your feet jumping up as high as you can. Return to the squat position and repeat.

Happy pumpkin butt training!


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