October 5th, 2022

// The Happy Clam Treads New Waters in Search of Harmonious Life

The Happy Clam Treads New Waters in Search of Harmonious Life

Boston, October 5, 2022 — Like clams finding nourishment from filter feeding, Rosemary Schmidt derives strength from taking in the bits and bytes of information swirling all around her and weaving it into a cohesive mosaic. Putting thoughts and ideas into a logical sequence that tells a story helps her make sense of a sometimes senseless world. 

“It’s as satisfying as kneading and shaping a bread dough,” she writes in the introduction to her latest book, The Happy Clam. “It’s both an itch and a need. What’s inside needs to be put in order.” 

The Happy Clam is a direct reflection of how Schmidt approaches life — by using the parts and pieces to form a cohesive whole. And it’s in that wholeness where harmony is possible, Schmidt posits. 

Weaving research from the fields of sociology, psychology and neurology with deeply personal, relatable anecdotes, Schmidt contemplates what brings people joy, how change happens and what makes people tick. 

The first half of the book lays the groundwork, ruminating on the benefits of being happier and why it is a worthwhile goal, and the myriad subtle but deliberate changes people can make to move the needle a tick or two. 

The second half pivots to a more narrative style, as Schmidt shares stories related to her time as a supervisor, the sudden loss of her sister, and her mother’s gradual decline and eventual passing. In its final chapters, the book takes a more philosophical and theological turn, getting at the heart of human relationships and how to make change happen.

“Without telling you what to do, The Happy Clam offers a roadmap and allows you to chart your own course,” Schmidt adds. “It will make you think and leave you smiling.”

About the Author

Rosemary A. Schmidt is a Boston-area author, blogger and geologist. She published her first book, Go Forward, Support! The Rugby of Life, in 2003, which explores life lessons drawn from the sport of rugby.

Schmidt holds a Bachelor of Science degree in geology from the University of Dayton and a Master of Science in geology from the University of Illinois. She works as a professional geologist. Originally from the Chicago area, Schmidt now resides near Boston with her spouse, Susan.

Visit her blog at www.happyclam.net, or follow her on Twitter at @GainlineRS. 


The Happy Clam

Publisher: Gainline Press

ISBN-10: ‎ 0970852827 

ISBN-13: ‎ 978-0970852823 

Available from Amazon.comBN.com, and many other online sellers and independent bookstores



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