September 12th, 2015

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The League


Welcome to the future. If you are in the Toronto area you can found any professional that you want in the city and book with them using this app. The app boasts that you can find the best professionals and services you need to live a healthier, happier life – every day. Massage therapists, personal trainers, nutritionists, chiropractors and more! Book a free consultation with one of our trusted providers. LEAGUE offers the widest selection of health services in a single app. Our PROs are hand-picked, verified and ready to help you live a happier, healthier life - every day.

I have tested out The League over the past week. I have booked, changed, cancelled and attended sessions. My first being a Massage Therapy session. Not only was it easy to book with the woman I chose but she also sent me some nice emails back and forth making the app more personable. The only thing that I have found is that some of the professionals on the app have a schedule that is not in sync with the leagues calendar. So for my massage she had to switch my time (not a big deal). In case you are wondering who the massage therapist was her name is Tu Anh Luong and she did a great job (trust me I have had my fair share of athletic massages) and she was awesome. She is located at 1 St. Clair Avenue East. I highly recommend her and I am very glad that I found her.  I even booked a follow up session with her next week. Just search for her in the app.

I have also booked an appointment with a Yoga instructor (which I am having tomorrow). Her profile was amazing and she even asked me for issues or areas I want to work on so that she can create a program for it. Im really looking forward to stretching out my gluteus and opening up my hips. Her name is MJ Renshaw. You can also find her on the app.

This month and next month I have a chiro, naturopath and a Vitamin B shot booked as well.

The only practice that I had a hard time booking with was pilates. I booked a private session from Misfitstudio. I have heard great things about them and their location looks absolutely beautiful. But shortly after I booked I received a message from the studio manager saying that it was a mistake in the schedule and they had to cancel it. She apologized for the inconvenience but did not ask me if I wanted to reschedule (no big deal) but any other time conflicts I have come across the practitioners were happy to reschedule me. I should take the initiative to ask her if there is another time available but it would have been nice if she would have asked me.

What I also love about the app is that it shows you the practitioners exact location as well as how far away they are from your current location! How cool is that. Also being signed up to the app you get emails with exclusive offers, awesome health tips and articles and an awesome community! And on top of that right now they are offering a special Free health coach for 30 days! 30!!!! DAYS!!! WHATTTT so go sign up and #buildyourleague of professionals!


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