May 11th, 2017

// The Low-FODMAP Solution: Put an End to IBS Symptoms and Abdominal Pain – Book Review

It's so sad, but many today are suffering with IBS and other similar problems. One of the best and most natural ways to alleviate pain and complications that come with IBS is with your diet. This is why I was thrilled to be introduced to Cinzia Cuneo's new book, "The Low-FODMAP Solution: Put an End to IBS Symptoms and Abdominal Pain".

This is what Cinzia Cuneo says about her book:

Cinzia's objective is to provide you with a tool that will help you attain intestinal wellbeing via a diet that's low in FODMAPs. The first part of her book presents the theory and provides the understanding of why the diet works as well as how you adopt the lifestyle. This includes everything from recommendations for vegetarians to an easy to follow chart which lists all the foods and ingredients that need to be avoided on the diet. She also offers sound advice on reading labels and adapting your favorite recipes.

In the second section of the book, there are 125 recipes and 4 weeks of meal plans that will help you ease into the diet with support and understanding. And the recipes are delicious -- just because you're managing IBS doesn't mean you and your family can't eat flavorful and enticing meals.

The 125 recipes are for breakfasts, starters and salads, soups, entrees, sandwiches, sides, snacks and desserts. A typical lunch is Rice and Lentil Salad with Herbs and Tomato, or Pork Fillet and Prosciutto with Spinach, Raisins and Steamed Brown Rice. And dinner is something as easy to prepare as Chicken Fajitas with Tomato and Cucumber Salsa or if you're entertaining, Filet Mignon with a Creamy Paprika Sauce with Greek-Style Roasted Vegetables.

While prepping, it's nearly impossible to try anything that's not on my meal plan, but I was able to share some of the recipes with one of my clients suffering from IBS and she had nothing but great things to say. She said that the meals were not only tasty but helped her feel much better. With IBS she really has to watch it and stay away from trigger foods and she said that the recipes she tried from this book caused no triggers.
I think this is a great book for IBS sufferers to have just from the information and knowledge shared in the first part of the book alone!
You can order "The Low-FODMAP Solution: Put an End to IBS Symptoms and Abdominal Pain" today here:


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