August 18th, 2022

// The ‘Miracle’ of the Imperial Valley: Early Treatment Protocol Saved Thousands

The ‘Miracle’ of the Imperial Valley: Early Treatment Protocol Saved Thousands

“How many more people would be alive today had the medical establishment followed the example of Dr. Tyson and Dr. Fareed instead of heeding arrogant bureaucrats who recommended no treatment for COVID-19 until it was often too late?” — Senator Ron Johnson, Wisconsin

Santa Ana, CA, August 18, 2022 — As the seemingly never-ending stream of COVID variants make headlines, Drs. George Fareed and Brian Tyson of the Imperial Valley in California continue to advocate for early treatment protocols.

“Our mission is to help people understand the critical importance of early COVID-19 treatment because there may be harsh surges,” the doctors say on their website ( “We also hope that vaccination programs recognize that COVID-19 variants will continue to arise in those who have been vaccinated as long vaccines fail to completely block the infection.”

Drs. Fareed and Tyson saw hundreds of COVID patients every day in their open-air test-and-treat center. At a time when hospitals and other medical facilities were turning away patients who weren’t “sick enough,” Drs. Fareed and Tyson turned away no one, saved thousands of lives — and were threatened with suspension of their medical licenses.

“Our results are nothing short of a miracle,” the doctors write in the introduction to their new book, Overcoming the COVID Darkness. “Despite the amazing success we achieved with more than 7,000 patients, all of the major medical organizations — from the WHO, to the NIH, to the CDC — did not welcome our information.”

In Overcoming the COVID Darkness, the doctors share their candid, deeply compelling story, and attempt to provide readers with clarity about COVID and alleviate fears. 

“People need to know — and be reassured — that we will survive this pandemic, just like pandemics of the past. There is treatment available. This treatment works when used early, and it is highly effective,” the doctors say. 

Overcoming the COVID Darkness is their story, complete with testimonials from patients and other doctors, research studies, news clippings, and most of all, the reasons why this successful treatment (which includes pharmaceutical and nutraceutical ingredients) was held back from the public.  

In a recent interview, Dr. Tyson posits, “Had we done test-and-treat centers all across the United States, we could have saved 80 percent of the population that died from COVID-19.” 

About the Authors

Dr. George Fareed graduated from Harvard Medical School with Honors and completed a medical internship at Peter Bent Brigham Hospital. He has worked at NIAID, at Harvard Medical School and at UCLA School of Medicine.

He was a founder and director of scientific planning of a biotech company, Ingene (International Genetic Engineering, Inc.). Since 1991, Dr. Fareed has worked clinically in primary medical care in the Imperial Valley of California. He has been on the frontline for early COVID-19 treatment, and has practiced the whole spectrum of COVID-19 care, treating outpatients as well as inpatients as a hospitalist. He testified on November 19, 2020, in the Senate Hearing on early COVID-19 treatment.

Dr. Brian Tyson is a board-certified family practitioner who worked as an emergency physician at Arrowhead Regional Medical center for 13 years and as a hospitalist physician for 14 years before opening his own urgent care in 2018.

Dr. Tyson was the Program Medical Director for Cogent Healthcare and Beaver Medical Group. His experience with COVID-19 has been exceptional, with over 30,000 patients evaluated, and zero deaths with early treatment.

His urgent care serves a high-risk population that includes two nursing homes, and his success was due to his aggressive early management. Due to his proven methodology, Dr. Tyson is considered a frontline COVID-19 treatment expert and has been featured on multiple media sites.

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Overcoming the COVID Darkness: How Two Doctors Successfully Treated 7000 Patients

ISBN-13: 979-8985558302 (paperback)

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