December 14th, 2014

// The Tile – Never Lose Anything Again – @TheTileApp

The Tile - Never Lose Anything Again

This is such a great product. When you attach Tile to an item (like your keys), you're really tethering them both to your phone. So when your stuff gets lost, it has a buddy that knows what to do. You just turn on the app and it tells you how far away from the item you are and it tells you when you get closer to the item.

As an independent trainer I am always on the go. I travel to different locations, carry lots of bags and drive a big SUV. This product would be perfect for my busy, chaotic, cluttery lifestyle. Because of that, I am sold. I definitely want to order one. I can't wait because I am for ever losing my keys/cellphone etc. I am going to start with one and if I love it I will definitely Order more. If the tile app people are reading this heyyyyyy I would love to work with you! *wink*wink*

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