November 30th, 2018

// The United States of America Has a 135 Billion US Dollars Spine Problem: Spine Book to Help Americans

The United States of America Has a 135 Billion US Dollars Spine Problem: Spine Book to Help Americans


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Keys to an Amazing Life: Secrets of the Cervical Spine

available at for $6.99 American Dollars




In 2017, American GDP was estimated at 19.4 trillion dollars. With spine care costing Americans 135 billion dollars per year in the USA, that means one in $144 GDP (0.7%) dollars is spent on spine care. 2017 USA GDP is estimated at $19.4 trillion dollars.


Today, with this important book, internationally-renowned American spinal expert Dr. Kenneth Hansraj unlocks the secrets of your spine, and how learning to treat it with respect will vastly improve your physical, emotional and even mental life. It’s packed with brilliant illustrations, photographs and techniques for achieving optimal spinal and overall vibrant health! 


The most painful problem in America isn’t the economy, trade, crime or foreign wars.


It’s our BACKS!


“Hansraj unlocks the influence of common everyday options that are good for your spinal health and general health.                                        This book will illuminate your life”.                 Jack Canfield


The key to a successful modern America is to upgrade the skills of the American people, and then place these well-trained people into improved and state-of-the-art infrastructure system.


Even if you don’t have “back problems” at the moment, 80% of us are destined to have them, either directly or indirectly related to our spines. And it’s impossible to enjoy life when you’re in pain. Do something NOW by buying this important book!


Our spines are quite literally at our “center,” critical to our overall health, yet we constantly abuse them with our modern lifestyles.


The result is that 80% of us are suffering in some way, at one time or another, from “back problems” – and are spending $135 Billion USD a year dealing with the pain and associated health problems.



In fact, if you’re like most American adults, there’s a very good chance that some of your health problems you would never think are related to your spine actually do originate there!


What people are saying about this important book

"As a surgical spine specialist, I am amazed at the graphical simplicity and clarity with which Hansraj presents spinal anatomy, spinal problems, and spinal surgery. This book is a triumph for the patient."

Patrick F. O'Leary, M.D.

Internationally-renowned master

Orthopaedic spinal surgeon


“Dr. Ken’s book has allowed me to deeply understand the nerves of the neck. I have learned how to protect and optimize them. With a better working knowledge of the nerves, I am able to make better choices for my mind and body, and I have benefited from the results. As a non-medical person, I am enlightened, as will be everyone wise enough to read this book.”

Michael Yanko

CEO, The Classic Group


“Finally, we have a book that is written by one of the world’s greatest doctors on health and personal well-being and not some celebrity. Dr. Ken has written a book that enhances a person’s life beyond imagination. This is the only book you need to read on this subject. It will change your life!”

Dr. Todd Eller

Senior Coach, Business Breakthroughs International


“When I sustained an injury by falling off of my horse, my doctors curtailed my activities. Dr. Ken evaluated me with MRIs and physical evaluations. Using the common-sense approach of this book I am back to full-time activities mentoring members around the world.”

John Sepulveda

9th Degree Black Belt, Kenpo


“Dr. Ken Hansraj is a well-trained, accomplished cervical spine surgeon who continues to make significant contributions. His book is a MUST READ!”

Chitranjan Ranawat, M.D.

International Master Orthopedic Surgeon

Co-Inventor of the Total Condylar Knee Replacement


Why does every American adult need this book?

Whether you’ve already experienced back pain, or simply want to prevent the potential suffering, this book is a must-read for every adult American person. The fact is, our modern lifestyles are punishing to our spines. Our bodies simply were not evolved to handle, for example, long periods of sitting in chairs and automobiles.


Without understanding your spine and how to care for it, there’s a very, very high chance you will be one of the 80% who suffer, whether directly from spine pain or from associated health conditions.


But beyond just spinal pain, this is a book is packed with principles about overall good health – both physical and mental!


Watch this short video to learn why this is not only an important book to read, but one you can trust as well!


When back problems arise . . .

Whether you have already experienced or in the future develop back problems, this book is an ideal tool you can use to make wise decisions about your options. It delves into what you can do yourself to improve your condition, such as beneficial exercises and proper posture. But it also addresses the latest surgeries – and because it’s written by a renowned spinal specialist, you can have confidence in what you’re reading.


About Dr. Kenneth K. Hansraj:

On the forefront of spinal surgery American surgeon Dr. Kenneth K. Hansraj ( is a spinal and orthopedic surgeon specializing in cervical, thoracic and lumbar procedures for example laminectomies and spinal fusions. Dr. Hansraj believes in tailoring the operation to the patient using the latest spine technologies.


Dr. Ken is the author of the internationally bestselling book, Keys to an Amazing Life: Secrets of the Cervical Spine, (January, 2013), which he was inspired to write based on this concept. Dr. Hansraj is also the author of Bloodless Spine Surgery: Pictures and Explanations. His goal with each of his books is to bring years of accumulated expert medical knowledge to the public at-large in an easy-to digest format and to help countless individuals with ongoing spinal and health issues.


Dr. Ken Hansraj is TV and media trained and has extensive experience with national outlets such as CNN, HLN, CBS, FOX, NBC, ABC, NPR and has been featured globally. Cision® estimates his current media impressions at 9 Billion.


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