June 11th, 2020

// The Warrior’s Meditation Shares Best-Kept Secret In Stress Relief And Self-Improvement

The Warrior’s Meditation Shares Best-Kept Secret In Stress Relief And Self-Improvement

Portland, OR, June 10, 2020 — The Warrior's Meditation by Richard L. Haight, the award-winning author of The Unbound Soul, makes transformative meditation accessible to the masses, with short, daily sessions that don’t require periods of isolation. 

The Warrior's Meditation is unlike any other meditation. This method is flexible in application, which allows it to blend with whatever your day has in store,” Haight says. 

Perfect for people of all backgrounds and skill levels, The Warrior’s Meditation teaches an instinctive, non-religious form of Samurai meditation that is both practical and extremely effective.

Through daily meditation, practitioners can experience the following cognitive and physical benefits, among many others: 

1. Improved immune function; decreased cellular inflammation and pain.

2. Increased positive emotions; less anxiety, depression and stress.

3. Increased emotional intelligence and compassion; reduced feelings of insecurity.

4. Increased gray matter in areas related to paying attention, positive emotions, emotional regulation and self-control.

5. Improved memory, creativity and abstract thinking.

Life is busy, and few people have time to spend hours a day in meditation. With The Warrior's Meditation, readers can experience profound clarity and awareness wherever they are and eventually embody meditation as a way of being. 

Author Richard L. Haight is a master-level instructor of martial, meditation and healing arts. He began formal martial arts training at age 12 and moved to Japan at the age of 24 to advance his training with masters of the sword, staff and aiki-jujutsu.

During his 15 years in Japan, Haight was awarded masters licenses in four samurai arts as well as a traditional healing art called sotai-ho. He is one of the world's foremost experts in the traditional Japanese martial arts.

Through his books, his meditation and martial arts seminars, Haight is helping to ignite a worldwide movement for personal transformation that is free of all constraints and open to anyone of any level. He now lives and teaches in southern Oregon. 

For more information, please visit richardlhaight.com.

The Warrior's Meditation: The Best-Kept Secret in Self-Improvement, Cognitive Enhancement, and Stress Relief, Taught by a Master of Four Samurai Arts

Publisher: Shinkaikan Body, Mind, Spirit LLC

ISBN-10: 0999210092 

ISBN-13: 978-0999210093

Paperback available at all online bookstores.



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