February 20th, 2015

// Three Reasons To Get A Workout Partner

Three Reasons To Get A Workout Partner

Alicia Train Lil Jon

Reason #1. Fun Factor.

Working out is a lot more fun and exciting when you are with a friend than if you are alone. If you don’t like the competitive factor then you at least have someone to keep you company and talk about your day, your sexy trainer, or the new guy or girl at your work. While you are lifting weights you can also pass the time by spotting your gym partner, or by making fun circuits to do together. If neither of you feel like the treadmill or weights make fitness fun by changing up your routine. You can do this by going for a walk together, or even play tennis, squash, basketball or volleyball. Sometimes it is nice to switch up the routine and have someone to do it with. Studies have shown that the more you change up your workout, the better your body is going to respond and the less likely you are to hit a plateau.

Reason #2. Accountability and Motivation.

Don’t feel like going to workout? It’s one thing to cancel plans with yourself but it’s another to cancel on your gym partner. A partner counts on you. He or she will keep you motivated and accountable. Also if your partner is positive and gives you great feedback you are more apt to stick to your program. He or she will motivate you to go to the gym, stick to the gym, and stay committed until you see the results.  No one wants to be Debbie Downer by bailing and letting down a friend for a scheduled gym appointment.

Reason #3. Higher Intensity.

People are competitive by nature. I always find that whenever I am working out with someone else, my  intensity is always greater than when I train alone. I find myself wanting to do one more rep, go one extra mile, be on a 1% higher incline or lift heavier than my gym partner. He or She pushes me to have that extra intensity and gives me a competitive drive. When I work out alone I tend to get distracted by things like my cell phone, get lazy, or stop early in a set. One key tip when picking your partner: Your athletic abilities should be around the same level. A more seasoned fitness enthusiast won’t get as much out of working out with someone who is new to fitness. If you and your partner are on the same level, you can push each other to do better.

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