July 11th, 2018

// TimiCoin/TimiHealth Announces TimiDNA to Empower Individuals to Secure and Control Their Personal DNA Fingerprint

TimiCoin/TimiHealth Announces TimiDNA to Empower Individuals to Secure and Control Their Personal DNA Fingerprint




AUSTIN, Texas, July 11, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- TimiCoin/TimiHealth (www.TimiCoin.io) today announced a breakthrough strategy in blockchain technology called TimiDNA which will empower individuals to secure and control how their personal DNA data is used.

TimiDNA's thoughtfully engineered technology is designed to achieve three important goals:

1.      Individuals who already have DNA results through another source can access easy-to-use  tools within TimiPatient to download and securely store those results;

2.      Those who have never taken a DNA test can establish complete control of their own DNA data through TimiDNA services. TimiDNA will provide consumers with a simple swab test kit and their DNA information will be securely stored;

3.      Once an individual's data is in the TimiPatient app, he/she will own it, control it, and have the ability to utilize it as an asset which can be monetized.

"TimiDNA offers a superior option to using any of today's current genetic testing services that have proliferated in the marketplace, and that monetize your data without a patient's understanding or participation in revenues. It is a more effective way to store your genetic information on a purposefully driven and secure blockchain system," said TimiHealth's clinical advisor, Dr. Jim Bonnette.

"In this way, an individual can decide who sees, and more importantly, who uses their DNA results and for what purpose. If you want, you can decide to license your results for research while retaining rights to your own DNA. Given that DNA testing will become progressively more ubiquitous in healthcare, it's imperative that people are given the opportunity to control their own DNA data."

TimiDNA offers individuals unprecedented privacy and control over their DNA data.

"It can be very surprising to individuals when they learn the genetic testing they've done, or even lab results from biopsies, etc. are widely shared with third parties," said Will Lowe, founder of TimiCoin/TimiHealth.

"This very personal data should in fact be owned by the very person from whom the DNA was harvested," he added.

"TimiHealth's mission is to turn an individual's very personal health data back over to each individual who will then own and control it. It's the perfect moment in history where the technology can truly support the governmental and consumer outcry for individuals to own their own data. The California Consumer Privacy Act of 2018 is an example of where the future of the ownership of data is going, and individual control and transparency is exactly what TimiHealth is aligned with," said Joyce Lignell, Chairwoman of TimiHealth's Advisory Board.

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