July 20th, 2018

// Tips To Keep Your Floors Clean During Harsh Weather

Tips To Keep Your Floors Clean During Harsh Weather


While the beauty and character of wooden floors are appreciated across the globe by homeowners, what about those living in cold climates? How do you deal with wooden floors in harsh weather conditions, as it can take a toll on all types of floors? Find out how you can care for wooden floors to ensure cold spells pass on without a problem.


Moisture and doors go hand in hand. Therefore, it is time to invest in good quality floor mats and place them at the entrances and over the wooden flooring. Choose solid mats that will not discolor your wooden floors. The mats should contain absorbent fibers so that the moisture is absorbed as much as possible. Clean your mats regularly, often during cold weather spells. Shake the mats and wash and dry them well. Soaked mats should not be kept on the floors as it can warp the wood.


Spills don't necessary happen during the cold weather, they can happen at anytime. Mats won't catch all the spills. In order to preserve the wood long-term mop the spills quickly and right away. Leave a cloth in a corner which allows for quick wipes, and ensure family members remove their wet shoes before walking onto the floor.


A practical step to keeping your wooden flooring near me (http://nordichomeworx.com) clean is to apply furniture pads. This is particularly important on portable pieces and heavy furniture as it protects the finish and avoids unsightly marks. Furniture pads can be customized and cut to size to fit your furniture pieces.


While wooden floors require minimal maintenance, it is still important to care for your floors if you want it to last for a long time. Invest in cleaning equipment as homes that are close to high traffic areas or in colder regions will require regular upkeep. A micro-fiber mop or soft bristled vacuum will clean the debris well from wooden floors. Following these tips will let the beauty of your wooden floors shine through for decades to come.


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