June 3rd, 2020

// Top 10 countries conducting over 1,100 COVID-19 clinical studies

Top 10 countries conducting over 1,100 COVID-19 clinical studies

The Finbold.com in-house aggregated data shows that ten countries are currently conducting 1,141 Covid-19 related clinical studies. The studies are part of a global initiative to test and understand the Coronavirus pandemic.

 US riots might spur second Coronavirus wave

The index has identified the United States as the leading country with Covid-19 clinical studies at 335. France comes second with 274 studies followed by Italy at 87 studies. Spain is fourth with 86 studies while China closes the top five categories with 78 clinical studies.

The United Kingdom occupies the sixth spot with 73 clinical studies followed by Germany at 55. Other countries with leading studies include Canada (54), Egypt (44), and Turkey (35).

Currently, the Coronavirus cases are at least 6.3 million globally with the United States leading with about 1.85 million infections. The Finbold.com Coronavirus calculator also ranks the United States' most infected regions by a percentage of the population.

New York which was the epicenter of the pandemic in the States has a rate of 1.91%. New Jersey is second with 1.76%of the population being infected. Massachusetts has a rate of 1.34% while Rhode Island stands in the fourth spot with 1.32%. District of Columbia closes the fifth slot at 1.16%.

Other states with leading infection rate by population include Connecticut (1.14%), Delaware (0.92%), Illinois (0.88%) , Louisiana (0.81%) and Maryland (0.77%).

Oliver Scott, Editor in Chief at Finbold.com notes that the risk of infection continues to be high based on current happenings. According to him:

“Different states in the US had imposed lockdowns to contain the virus and the measures had begun to pay off for regions like New York. However, ongoing protests calling for justice in the murder of George Floyd might spur a second wave of the virus. Protestors in the countrywide mass action are not observing social distancing guidelines hence increasing chances of infection.”

About five months into the crisis, well-run trials have started to generate more reliable outcomes. However, the delay in coming up with a possible cure and vaccines is because there is a need to first understand the virus. 

Find the full story and charts here: https://finbold.com/top-10-countries-conducting-over-1100-covid-19-clinical-studies/


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