September 25th, 2016

// Top 5 Reasons Why Women should lift weights

Top 5 Reasons Why Women should lift weights

Alicia Bell - Toronto Personal Trainer
Alicia Bell - Toronto Personal Trainer


A lot of women get intimidated walking into a gym and heading towards the free weight section. You shouldn’t be afraid to dive into the pit of grunting, sweating and good looking men because lifting weights (heavy ones at times) is what is going to get you the body that you really want. It will give you the curves, weight loss and the toned muscles that you want.


Going to the gym and just doing cardio is not going to get you the results that you have been wanting for so long. What it will get you; a flat butt, no muscle tone, and a lot of wasted time and energy. While lifting weights will get you the results that most people want which is a tight and toned butt, muscle tone and the best results for your time and energy.


The follow are the top 5 reasons why women should lift:


  1. Weight Loss
  2. Healthy Food Cravings
  3. Tight and Toned Butt
  4. Flat Stomach
  5. More Energy


1.Weight Loss

One of the best things that happens when you get into the gym and lift weights is that you will lose weight. Believe it or not weight lifting will not make you big and bulky. The bigger muscle groups that you use when lifting the greater the fat loss will be. You will build long lean muscles that are great for burning fat. The heavier you lift the quicker that you will drop those pounds.


  1. Healthy Food Cravings

When you start going to the gym regularly you are less likely to crave bad food. Once you hydrate more and eat cleaner your palate will change. That means that you will crave refined sugary foods less and want more of the fuel your body needs for energy for your daily workout.


  1. Tight and Toned Butt

The more you lift heavy and add in squats and lunges the quicker that your butt will become tight and toned. If you strictly stick to cardio machines you do not activate the glutes fully to create that round bottom that everyone wants. So hit the squat rack, grab the dumbbells and lunge and hit the hamstrings to develop that round bottom that everyone looks for these days.


  1. Flat Stomach

This ties in with weight loss. Because you are lifting and burning more fat the waist line is going to drop and the stomach is going to get lean and toned vs skinny fat and flabby.


  1. More Energy

Once you start lifting the endorphins get released. What do these little guys do? Give you energy! That's why studies have shown that people who do strength training have more energy throughout the day than people who don’t exercise. The have less daily lows and have more energy to get through their days. So buckle up and prepare to feel healthy and energized when you start hitting those weights!


Don’t be intimidated the next time you walk into the gm and show those guys who belongs in that weight pit! Happy training and remember to Train It Right!


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