May 11th, 2020

// Toronto Stamp Inc. Brings Together Network of Companies to Deliver 4 Million Face Shields to Government of Canada

Toronto Stamp Inc. Brings Together Network of Companies to Deliver 4 Million Face Shields to Government of Canada

Partnership + innovation help meet Canadian PPE needs and ready future domestic supply 

TORONTO, May 11, 2020 /CNW/ - Today, Toronto Stamp Inc., announces it is leading a network of companies to deliver Health Canada four (4) million face shields over the next two (2) months.  Together, the network has built a previously non-existent supply-chain that is ready to help address current demand and also prepare for future need. Go to for project details.

"This is a family story, a Canadian story, and a story of partnerships," said Jimmy Williams, General Manager, Toronto Stamp. "Like so many businesses across the country, COVID-19 changed everything and, overnight, our future looked grim. But I was also moved by what was happening and wanted to help.  That's when the call-to-action began."

"When we found out we won the government contract, we knew we were never going to be successful alone – industry in Canada was going to get this done," Williams continued. "In a matter of weeks, dozens of partners rallied to fill in the market gap.  Many took risks to save their business and many more retooled their infrastructure and way of doing things to make this network work."

Called Unitum Consortium (Latin for 'United Community') – the network is comprised of businesses that represent all stages along the supply chain.  Some of the businesses include: 

  • 3G Packaging Corp. 
  • Baysquare Technologies Pvt. Ltd. 
  • EM Plastic & Electric Products Ltd. 
  • Maverick Exhibits 
  • Pattison Sign Group 
  • Piedmont Plastics 
  • Sherway Group 
  • Spectra Advertising and Signs 
  • Swift Components Corporation 
  • Threadfin Business Solutions 
  • Trotec Laser Canada Inc.

Deliveries of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for domestic use have started to arrive in Ottawa, following the contract that was signed in early April and referenced by Prime Minister Trudeau.

This team of suppliers is ready and able to continue to produce face shields for Canadian use and future domestic supply, as well as international markets.

Williams said; "It is truly amazing to see everyone coming together and working around the clock to make this project happen. This venture has been built on trust and passion – I am immensely proud of every company involved and the Toronto Stamp team."

B-roll is available upon request.

About Toronto Stamp
Established in 1907 in Toronto, Toronto Stamp has always been – and is today – a family-run and Canadian-owned business specializing in custom identification products.  

In the over 110+ years of operation, the team at Toronto Stamp has played many roles and taken on many different projects, including being a leading manufacturer of stamps, stencils, nameplates, signs, tags, and badges.  We even helped Ontario develop its first license plates.  

Today, we operate out of a modern 7,000 square foot facility and our clients include Canadian business, all levels of government, and educational institutions.  

In the face of COVID-19, we chose to take an innovative pivot to lead a coalition of companies to produce and deliver Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) face shields and bio-barriers for all sectors of our economy.  We are proud to serve Canadians with a local solution that serves our current and future needs.

120 Midwest Road, Toronto, ON M1P 3B2

SOURCE Toronto Stamp Inc.


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