May 20th, 2021

// Toxic Relationships: 3 Steps to Get Out and Reground Yourself

Toxic Relationships: 3 Steps to Get Out and Reground Yourself

We need to move on from toxic habits and people to help us destroy our crutches and create a healthier lifestyle so we can approach the future with vitality and sovereignty, according to Lisa Marie RankinM.B.A., M.S. – a writer, yoga teacher, Ayurvedic wellness coach, and author of The Goddess Solution: Practical Wisdom for Everyday Life (HarperCollins Canada, Collins).

“Have you ever suspected a person in your life is no longer serving your interests?,” asks Rankin. “Perhaps you believe that your growth, health, and overall well-being would be significantly improved if you could just breakup. The problem is, this person entered your life in the first place because they fulfilled some need, even if in a roundabout way. Like, the on-again, off-again boyfriend made you feel desired. Our crutches often prevent us from identifying and addressing the things that aren’t going well in our lives. They encourage us to avoid or overlook areas that are less than satisfactory, such as that stale relationship. If we want to step into our goddess nature, we need to improve these areas, not mask them. Moreover, when you pause and start to consider some of your behaviors, you might begin to notice that they are the cause of your problems, not the salve to them.”

To start, harness the energy of Pele--the Hawaiian goddess of volcanoes, fire, and dance who is considered the creator of the Hawaiian Islands and known for her fiery temper, power, and capriciousness.

Rankin is available for interviews, contributed articles, and commentary on 3 ways to get out of a toxic relationship and reground yourself using ancient wisdom in modern society. 


Meditation can help create a sense of calm so we’re not dependent on outside factors or bad habits. It also helps us observe and manage our emotions. Meditate daily for five to fifteen minutes. There are a variety of meditations at the back of this book for you to choose from. 


Get out your goddess journal and answer the following questions about a habit you would like to break: 

  1. What is the habit you would like to break? 
  2. How has this habit served you? 
  3. How has this habit hindered you? 
  4. What would be a better way to get this need met? 
  5. Who will this disappoint? 
  6. What support do you need to put this practice in place? 


Repeat: “I consciously choose habits and people that support my goddess nature.”

The Goddess Solution is a practical spiritual guide that uses goddesses as archetypes and weaves spiritual concepts from ancient traditions like Buddhism, Hinduism, and Tantra with modern-thought leadership to make the advice practical and relevant to modern-times. You’ll learn about goddesses from across various traditions and discover that their wisdom is more relevant than ever. You can connect with Mary Magdalene to identify and rewrite beliefs that are limiting you. The Greek goddess Aphrodite will show you how to infuse your life and your relationships with passion. Durga, a Hindu warrior goddess, will inspire you to stand up for what you know to be right and speak your truth.


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