November 16th, 2021

// Train Fitness Launches World’s First App That Can Detect Exercises and Track Reps

Train Fitness Launches World’s First App That Can Detect Exercises and Track Reps

VANCOUVER, British Columbia, Nov. 16, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Train Fitness is transforming the way we track our workouts. Today the Vancouver-based company announced the first-ever hands-free workout-tracking app, which uses artificial intelligence (AI) to detect exercises and track reps as users go through their workout.

For the millions of gym-goers who currently use spreadsheets, their phone, or pen and paper to track workouts, Train Fitness is a complete game-changer. The company recently finished second at New Venture BC’s annual tech startup competition, earning a $60,000 prize.

Technology has made it much easier for people to track their aerobic exercises like running and biking, but there has been a huge gap in the market for anaerobic exercise tracking like weightlifting. For Train, the launch of their new Apple Watch app is the first step towards a world where your daily workout can be tracked just as effortlessly as your daily run.

Co-founders Antoine Neidecker and Andrew Just have been working tirelessly to get the AI technology to automatically detect 82 of the most common exercises and counting, from free weight exercises like pushups and pullups to more traditional lifts like bench press and squats. Their current road map has them set to have over 400 trackable exercises by the end of next year.

“Every gym-goer we know is tired of bringing their phone with them to their workout, so we knew a hands-free workout tracker would be a hit,” said Just. “Once you begin your workout on your watch with Train, there’s really nothing to do but focus on your session. In an age when everything is getting more complicated, Train is giving time and energy back to our users when they need it most.”

User feedback for the product suggests that one workout is often enough to convince users that this is the best way to track their workout and monitor their progress at the gym. Along with exercise detection and rep tracking, Train’s mobile app also allows users to monitor their stats and analytics and share workouts with friends and followers in the Train community.

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About Train Fitness:
Train Fitness is a platform where fitness enthusiasts motivate one another to push past their limits. The company uses AI to analyze motion data from your watch to derive expertise-level analysis of your workout. Train Fitness combines powerful AI to tell you how to improve your gains with our social platform to keep you motivated to hit the gym daily.


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