July 13th, 2021

// Transcendent Journey Gives Doctor Insights into Life’s Greatest Question Website details transformational visits with spiritual presence

Transcendent Journey Gives Doctor Insights into Life’s Greatest Question
Website details transformational visits with spiritual presence

Los Angeles, CA, July 13, 2021 — Why are we here? Minister and licensed psychotherapist Dr. Pieter Noomen consciously searched his mind for conclusive insight into this question during his evening walks. One evening, out of the blue, the word “Oneness” filled him. Day after day, a total of 12 words crystalized within him and around him. Those words became the basis for his 12 booklets, each of which explores the 12 components of life: Oneness, Love, Life, Fire, Space, Connectedness, Progression, Effect, Freedom, Joy, Differentness and Harmony.

Although the content of the 12 booklets comes from Dr. Noomen, he didn’t consider himself the author. “I 'heard' them within me when I specifically sat down to ‘hear’ them,” he explained on his website. “I listened while they formed in my head. I guess that the best way to describe this is to see it as a 'merger' on my spirit level of the voice/presence/spirit of Life itself and my ability to be consciously receptive for that — as much as a human being can be.”

Dr. Noomen’s connection with the higher presence would ultimately last for many years, resulting in an abundance of deeply profound insights freely shared on his website, www.wordsforall.org.

Visitors to Dr. Noomen’s website can read about the 12 components of life and ponder 147 thought-provoking questions and the illuminating answers that came to him during his extensive communications with the All Spirit. Avoiding the word God, Dr. Noomen relays his extraordinary journeys on the spiritual plane with an openness that invites readers to uncover and explore their own accessibility to spirituality without labels or constructs.

He grew to believe that, directly or indirectly, all life stems from one common source and that to connect with that source is the highest level of existence we can achieve on earth. And perhaps more importantly, he believed that being in direct contact with the ALL of existence is possible for every human being.

As to the answer to life’s most puzzling question, Dr. Noomen had this to say: “The consistent message in all Writings is that the purpose of being on earth is to make individual personal choices; choices that can either further direct contact with the real, full reality or can do the opposite and limit our experience of being alive …”

Dr. Noomen passed away in 2019, but his wealth of wisdom and insights freely shared on www.wordsforall.org will continue to inspire people throughout the world to broaden their spiritual paths.

An example from Dr. Noomen’s Wisdoms of the Week at www.wordsforall.org:

"Self-help books, groups or gurus offer mental, social or physical well-being. These weekly words don't focus on this. They focus on our intentions, our choosing-ability. Which is why we are on earth in the first place. 'What' we choose is not the issue. We won't ever be judged anyway. But 'that' we choose is the issue; that is fulfilling our mission here. There are no exceptions to this."



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