September 9th, 2022

// Transformative Dementia and Alzheimer’s treatment

Transformative Dementia and Alzheimer’s treatment

company Kurve Therapeutics launches $50 million

equity crowdfunding raise 

Next-generation Medtech innovator Kurve Therapeutics begins an equity crowdfunding journey with its $50 million Regulation A+ raise.

Private investors can now invest in a company aiming to disrupt and transform a $1.3 trillion dementia market alone while benefiting millions living with neurodegenerative diseases.


Caption: Transformative Dementia and Alzheimer’s treatment company Kurve Therapeutics launches $50 million equity crowdfunding raise 

Diseases like Dementia and Alzheimer's afflict millions of people across the globe, while over 1 billion people worldwide – 1 in 6 – suffer from a neurological disease. Yet, Healthcare sectors lack effective, disease-modifying treatments.

Kurve Therapeutic's patented intranasal drug delivery technology, Controlled Particle Dispersion® (CPD), has been shown to bypass the blood-brain barrier, delivering 30x more medication directly to the brain than infusions.

Marc Giroux, Kurve Therapeutics CEO and founder said: "An IV infusion manages to deliver one-tenth of 1% through the blood-brain barrier. We have measured our success at 30 times more than that. This is not an insignificant achievement.

"Central nervous system disorders are a scourge because they are challenging to treat by their very nature. We have the potential to eliminate this problem, so an unmet need becomes a met need,"

Giroux now hopes to blast Kurve Therapeutics into a new growth period, teaming up with award-winning broker-dealer Rialto Markets' crowdfunding infrastructure and technology for its Regulation A+ offering:

"Following extensive work developing treatments and our CPD technology, we are ready to scale the company and grow our investor community.

"We plan to invest most of our proceeds into our final phase III clinical trials for intranasal insulin for mild cognitive impairment in Alzheimer’s. Kurve Therapeutics is ready for Phase III clinical trials in three separate disease states and is one Phase III study away from being eligible for FDA approval."


Caption: Rialto Markets CEO & Co-Founder Shari Noonan

Rialto Markets CEO and Co-founder Shari Noonan said: "Kurve Therapeutics' intranasal drug delivery technology has the potential to transform the lives of millions suffering from neurodegenerative diseases.

"This is a very exciting and important sector which needs this essential innovation, so we are delighted that Kurve Therapeutics chose to work with us to grow and scale."

Rialto Markets' has a capital raising infrastructure for Reg CF and Reg A+ equity crowdfunding as well as Reg D institutional investment offering. Alongside this, Rialto Markets has a pioneering secondary market alternative trading system (ATS) which empowers the buying and selling of shares in private companies or other private securities, which can operate similarly in a regulated framework and environment as a stock exchange does such as the Nasdaq and NYSE for public company trading.

This secondary trading ATS allows private companies and shareholders to potentially create liquidity and trading within a $7 trillion-dollar private securities market set to grow to $30 trillion by 2030, potentially enabling greater access to vital funding and private securities within a fully regulated environment.



Rialto Markets is a FINRA member Broker Dealer (Rialto Primary) and operates an alternative trading system (Rialto Secondary – Rialto MarketBoard™) for private securities including those issued as a Digital Asset Security. Rialto Primary supports companies issuing equity and debt securities through Reg A+, Reg CF, and Reg D exemptions. Rialto Markets is registered in all 50 states including those requiring a broker-dealer to issue Reg A+ securities 

Kurve Therapeutics Led by a team of experienced entrepreneurs with successful track records in biotech, pharmaceuticals, and device technology, our mission is to pave the way in treating complex CNS disorders, including Alzheimer’s disease, cognitive aging, Lewy body dementia, Parkinson’s disease, and ALS. The Kurve technology is featured in 18 peer-reviewed publications in leading medical journals. Kurve technology has been used in five double-blind placebo-controlled Phase II studies and is ready for Phase III with Alzheimer’s patients.


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