May 5th, 2021

// Turn your home into a backyard oasis with propane

Turn your home into a backyard oasis with propane

OTTAWA, May 04, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- We may be spending more time in our homes these days, but with warmer temperatures and portable energy like low-emission propane, the comforts of home can be extended to outdoor spaces – anytime, anywhere.

Everyone is familiar with propane grills and how they can turn any night into a cookout with ease, but this mighty and versatile energy source can also turn a backyard into an oasis. Fire pits and heaters powered by propane can make the evenings comfortable and warm, extending time outdoors. While it may not be 30 degrees yet, pool time can be enjoyed much earlier with a propane-powered pool heater. With the portability of propane, lighting can also be placed anywhere in an outdoor space.

“Propane truly is a versatile energy source, providing low-emission home comfort,” said Nathalie St-Pierre, President and CEO of the Canadian Propane Association. “During this time when we are still required to stay home, creating a space outdoors that is inviting, warm and safe is a great way to refresh a yard and transform it into a sanctuary.”

Not only is propane an excellent choice for the outdoors, but many Canadians are also selecting this efficient energy source for all their home energy needs – everything from high-efficiency furnaces, attractive fireplaces, fridges, air conditioners and instant hot water systems to dryers.

Homeowners are choosing propane because it makes sense. Converting from heating oil to propane can save up to 45 per cent in electricity costs and lower insurance rates due to eliminated risk of contamination from oil leaks. It’s also much better for the environment, reducing GHG emissions by 38 per cent annually. No investment in infrastructure is required as propane companies invest in their own storage and distribution assets.

“With the current restrictions and the significant time Canadians are spending in their residences, many have upgraded or are considering upgrading the inside of their homes and their outdoor spaces,” said St-Pierre. “When reliability, cost, performance, and efficiency are considered, propane heating outperforms nearly every other type of home heating system available. Switching to propane is a good return on investment but also saves money while enjoying an updated space.”

CPA members have undertaken a number of precautions and extra measures in their operations to ensure the safety of customers and employees while providing propane as an essential service. These include enhanced cleaning protocols, the use of personal protective equipment, recommended physical distancing if an in-home inspection is required, and where possible, electronic contact capabilities in all customer relations.

The CPA has a number of brochures on the versatility and safe uses of propane. Check out the following or visit our website for more information: PROPANE Advantage in the HomeBarbecue Safety Tips for Propane UsersPatio Heater GuidelinesPropane: The Facts, and Propane Safety for Consumers.

About the Canadian Propane Association: 
With over 400 members, the Canadian Propane Association (CPA) is the national association for a growing, multi-billion-dollar industry that impacts the livelihood of tens of thousands of Canadians. Our mission is to promote a safe and thriving propane industry that plays a vital role in Canada’s energy sector. To achieve this, we champion propane and the propane industry in Canada and facilitate best practices, safety, and a favourable business environment through advocacy, training, and emergency response.


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