November 29th, 2017

// Unbelievable Transformation – Meet Tiny Fit Sue

Hey guys! I definitely need to update my transformation photo page on my site. However. If you guys want to see some amazing transformations check out my instagram fee:

For now I want to share my clients Sue's journey through her words and photos below. Hopefully it inspires you to be the best version of yourself that you can be, chase after your dreams and not to let anything stop you!

"My Journey!

Not a lot of people know about me and my journey, I am getting a lot of messages regarding my transformation ,what motivated me and how I got into fitness so here I am sharing with you my journey .

Let me introduce myself, I am married and have 2 kids age 13 and 8. Just like a lot of busy mommies out there I hardly made time for myself , I was always busy with my full time job and taking care of my family . I ate unhealthy food and never went to the gym my excuse was I don’t have time, I was over weight . In 2010, when I was going through my old pictures I realized how much weight I have gained.  I missed how I looked in high school and it was then the first time a thought to lose couple of lbs , so I joined a near by gym and followed  some random  diet plan from the internet. At the gym when I use to see fitness competitors I just wished I had their physique they always inspired me and I wished I was one of them , but then I knew it was not possible, too many obstacles  my background, young kids , culture, and I knew my family would never support me. In 2011 I managed to lose some weight however, didn’t follow a proper diet nor a workout plan just random online plans. I continued eating healthy and going to the gym.

In November 2015, a thought “why can’t I compete, if they can do it why can’t I “ haha I had no clue what the process was , had no coach, didn’t know how to walk in heels and never went to see a show . I did not know where and how to start yet, I set a goal for myself that I will compete. I wanted to do something for me , I wanted to take a challenge and prove my self and wanted to follow my dreams.

Initially I wanted to do a show in 2016 started the process and within 2 months I dropped out due to medical and health reasons . It was a set back, took a long break from the gym and diet however that  didn’t stop me , I couldn’t wait to get back to the gym and start training . All I could think of and dreamed about was the stage. In 2017 I decided that this year will be my year and I will do what ever it takes to reach my goal.

I had few coaches and was not happy with them . Then in July 2017 , A friend of mine referred me to Team Trex,  after meeting Alicia I just knew I found my coach, now I  have all the right tools and I can do this , I felt pretty confident. Alicia gave me the right training, motivated me and gave me the right support and guidance that I was looking for . She really cared about me , always checking in making sure I am following the plan and were on track.

I use to hit the gym twice or sometimes three times a day , work full time, participate in all my kids activities, do my meal prep on Sundays and my one on one training sessions with my coach twice a week which was 1-2 hrs of commute .

I have made many sacrifices as they say nothing comes easy , so many hardships and life curve ball thrown at me I overpowered them all . I also lost my job when I was 8 weeks out from my show , it hit me hard yet, I didn’t give up. My biggest supporter is my husband, and a million thanks to this man for the amount of love and support I received from him through the entire prep. I still remember when I first told him “hun I want to compete “ he just looked at me nodded his head and walked away.. lol he thought I was out of my mind, I am in my  mid 30’s , mother of two, not in the greatest shape , don’t have a coach, plus it was a culture thing  so wearing a bikini and walking on the stage was a no no lol . However, he saw how dedicated and determined I was and my love for the sport , he understood and decided to  support me .He supported me mentally and emotionally, motivated me, pushed me to work my hardest at the gym and stood by me all along . This  wouldn’t have been possible without him .

When I stepped on the stage on November 18th it was the best feeling ever, the dream that I have been chasing for the past 2 years come true . I won bikini masters short and I came 3rd in open bikini. I am so proud of what  I was able to accomplish and bring to the stage.  My hard work paid off. It was a lot of hardwork, sacrifices , dedication and discipline to get to were I am today.

We all have our stories what gets us started and this is my story.

I believe “Keep your goals in mind and never underestimate what you are capable of . Dream big !work hard and stay focused "



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