June 30th, 2018

// Understanding Omega 6—Myths Vs. Facts

Understanding Omega 6—Myths Vs. Facts
 SeabuckWonders Shares Latest Studies



Chicago, IL – May 8, 2018 - Each year, more studies come out that deepen our understanding of omega fatty acids and sea buckthorn oil. Recent studies are about all of the omega fatty acids that are naturally part of sea buckthorn - omegas 3, 6, 9, and 7. The mainstream understanding of fatty acids is constantly changing and what becomes popular belief is not always factual. To illustrate this, the following information centers on omega 6—which is one of the most misunderstood fatty acids.
Myth- All Omega 6 Causes Heart Disease
Omega-6 has been demonized for causing heart disease, inflammation, depression and even worsening asthma. Most of all, omega 6 is known for causing heart disease. Keeping a balance of omega 3 and 6 is best for human health. It is true that many Americans get too much omega 6 from refined food (especially animal based) sources. While the average American diet also tends to be high in omega 6- there is more to the story.
Truth- Plant Based Omega 6 Is Good For the Heart 
Omega 6 plays a part in everything from skin, hair and bone health to metabolism. Sea buckthorn oil has a ratio of nearly 1:1 omega 3 and 6- the perfect balance for humans.
Obtaining omega 6 from plant sources can’t boost cholesterol levels- because plants don’t have cholesterol. Sea buckthorn is a plant based source of omega 6 so there is no harm in taking it in this form.
New Research on Omega 6

New research shows that the fatty acid has more health qualities than previously thought.  The notion that a diet high in omega-6 fatty acids such as linoleic acid raises disease risk by promoting inflammation ignores the fact that omega-6 fatty acids also promote anti-inflammatory compounds.

According to a new University of Eastern Finland study, it is possible Omega-6 can not only protect you from premature death but can also keep cardiovascular diseases at bay.  Check out these other great benefits:


​It can help you sleep betterOmega 6 helps one to sleep better and children who take it wake up less during the night and it works the same with adults. It helps the body produce substances involved in helping you sleep such as the melatonin hormone which is a sleeping aid supplement.

It can lower blood pressureOmega-6 fatty acids help blood vessels to open and enlarge so that the heart does not push blood around the body forcefully. It lowers the risk of strokes as well as getting diabetes.
It can soothe your skinTaking omega-6 supplements reduces eczema which is a severe skin disease among other skin defects. This helps the skin due to its anti-inflammatory nature.
It can boost your memoryIntake of omega-6 can help sharpen one’s memory and help the nerve cells to communicate better with each other. Therefore, one’s mind becomes more active and reduces symptoms of depression and stress disorder.
It can ease Premenstrual SyndromeDuring their monthly periods women tend to be moody, anxious, happy among other things. Taking omega-3 and 6 supplements could help ease some symptoms such as intense PMS pain as well as reduce breast tenderness[1]

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