June 17th, 2021

// Understanding the Importance of Stretching Your Muscles Everyday

Understanding the Importance of Stretching Your Muscles Everyday

Is there anything better than a good stretch upon waking? But why does stretching feel so satisfying, and more importantly, why does our body naturally contort to relieve tension? If you've ever wondered why stretching feels natural or the health benefits of developing a stretching routine, here are some ideas to consider.

Future-Proofing Your Body and Mind

In the same way we insure our cars before heading out onto the highway, stretching is the physical equivalent of protecting your body for future mishaps. Stretching your muscles increases the mobility of your joints, improves your posture and helps your cardiovascular system drive blood and nutrients throughout your system. It helps in the gym, too. Stretching can increase the range of motion for practitioners who utilize weightlifting and resistance training in their fitness routine. Moreover, it allows individuals who suffer from sore shoulders, creaky joints, chronic knee pain, and poor hip mobility to perform at a higher capacity, inside and outside of the gym.

The Elephant in the Room

For millions of people across the globe, debilitating lower back pain is a regular part of their life. But with a proper stretching routine, it doesn't have to be. Developing a personal stretching routine or seeking guidance from an assisted stretch therapist is the best way to restore mobility in the lower back and reduce aches and pains. Furthermore, regular stretching strengthens the areas in the lower back, such as the extensor and flexor muscles, that are responsible for back-related issues. For most patients, their discomfort decreases with each passing day after developing their stretching routine.

Stretching is also great for your mind. Individuals who take their stretching routine seriously have begun utilizing breath techniques that calm their minds and reduce anxiety. While they stretch and strengthen their body and joints, they shift their concentration to the delicate sensation of air entering and leaving their body. While this technique may seem simplistic, it's a brilliant way to reduce tension throughout the body and mind.

When in Doubt, Stretch It Out!

It's easy to see why stretching daily is beneficial for your health and well-being, but should you consider a routine that incorporates the practice? Stretching your muscles is an efficient way to improve blood flow, reduce anxiety, and get your day started on the right foot. If you're the type of person who wants to feel their best, developing a stretching routine is a "no-brainer."


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