September 10th, 2019

// UUL Sent warning letter from FDA for Illegally Marketing eCigs and Vaping products to Youth

UUL Sent warning letter from FDA for Illegally Marketing eCigs and Vaping products to Youth 

The FDA sent a warning letter to JUUL Labs for claiming e-cigarettes are safer than paper cigarettes. JUUL has 15 days to respond.  

This warning comes on the heels of a recent flurry of deadly lung illnesses thought to be associated with the use of vaping products.

Prior to this, doctors including Joshua Mansour, M.D. have expressed concerns that the federal government was not taking the health problems associated with vaping seriously in that the government had allowed e-cigarette makers until 2022 to submit their plans for preventing underage access to their products.  

The underage vaping problem has escalated in recent years as the providers of vaping products claimed vaping was safer than cigarettes, yet the whole vaping craze addicted millions of young people to nicotine who had not been cigarette smokers prior. 

Dr. Mansour has warned that nicotine use causes irritation to the lining of the lungs. Furthermore, oils in the lungs are not considered healthy so if a person must vape they should do so with a water-based product, not oil-based. 

So, we are faced with a triple danger from vaping:

1) From impurities, oils, and additives in the vape products causing lung problems.

2) Cardio-vascular strain and other health problems associated with nicotine itself.

3) Addiction. 

Our children are in danger of becoming addicted to vaping and we need to do something to stop this headlong craze of addiction to unhealthy substances. So, just because certain aspects of vaping may be less unhealthy than paper cigarettes, does that mean vaping should be widely embraced?


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