December 4th, 2019

// Vape facts are more important than opinion: DashVapes

Vape facts are more important than opinion: DashVapes

TORONTO, Dec. 4, 2019 /CNW/ - Shai Bekman, the founder of Canada's largest chain of independent vape shops, DashVapes Inc., has grown increasingly frustrated with misinformation and myths about vaping. Inaccurate stories and myths are being spread across Canada, he believes, sometimes on purpose by anti-vaping interests, and sometimes unintentionally by journalists either being misled or becoming confused by conflicting stories.

"I created to debunk many of the myths about vaping, with three audiences in mind," says Mr. Bekman.

First, it is important to report facts rather than the opinion of spokespersons. 

"On the DashVapes' YouTube site for months, we've been correcting media stories about this so-called vaping crisis. The media has confused the real cause of lung-related illnesses, which are Black-Market, illicit and contaminated marijuana vaping products, with nicotine electronic cigarettes," says Mr. Bekman.

"DashVapes produces the highest quality vaping e-liquids for those smokers who want to quit. That is our target market. DashVapes does not advertise nor promote its products to teens. I am a reformed smoker myself. I know first-hand how hard it is to quit," says Mr. Bekman.

"With regard to flavours, more than 90% of vapers in all adult age groups enjoy flavours," says Mr. Bekman. You can see age-verified sales data at on the DashVapes website.

"Second, we want to be read by elected officials and public servants," says Mr. Bekman. "They are drafting rules, regulations and laws across the country, based on conflicting information. The British Columbia government has come closest to drafting and announcing fact-based and socially responsible regulations. Prince Edward Island is working hard to sort out myth and reality."

Third, the medical and health communities are an important audience for has a section describing the refusal of an Ontario Medical Officer of Health to provide germane information to journalists about what a 17-year-old in London, Ontario, was actually vaping. Later, it turned out that the young man was unwisely (and illegally) combining THC [cannabis] into his e-liquid, to vape. 

About DashVapes Inc.

DashVapes Inc., Canada's largest independently owned e-cigarette company, operates 12 vape retail stores in Ontario and British Columbia. In addition, DashVapes operates an international website that serves customers in Canada, the U.S., the U.K., Europe, and Australia.

DashVapes operates two ISO-9001, cGMP, HACCP certified, purpose-built laboratories for the manufacturing of Nicotine e-Liquid, with manufacturing facilities in Markham, Ontario, and Burnaby, British Columbia.

SOURCE DashVapes, Inc

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DashVapes Contact: To interview Shai Bekman, President of DashVapes Inc., contact Jana Schilder, co-founder, The Legal A Team, Law Firm Marketing & Public Relations,, mobile (416) 831-9154


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