February 20th, 2018

// Water Quality: How Does This Affect Your Body during Training?

Water Quality: How Does This Affect Your Body during Training?

Anyone undergoing athletic training requires a lot of water. Intense exercise leads to additional perspiration, and if your mouth feels dry, then you are already dehydrated. However, it is important to drink the right type of water to feel your best. When you are an athlete, you need the highest quality water to maintain your vital bodily functions. Here is how to choose the right type of water to improve your athletic performance.

Bottled Water from the Supermarket

If the water flowing from the faucets in your home doesn’t seem clean, then you should buy bottled water at the supermarket. You can find huge bottles of water, or you can buy small bottles of water to take with you to a local gym or other athletic venue. In addition to plain water, you can find water that has delicious flavors such as orange, berry or grape. The average person requires at least eight glasses of water a day, but as an athlete in training, you will need much more than that.

Enhanced Bottled Water with Nutrients

As an athlete, you also need additional nutrients, and fortunately, manufacturers make enhanced water that has added minerals, vitamins and antioxidants. When you are buying enhanced water, you may want to avoid the products that contain chemicals such as artificial dyes or sweeteners. With enhanced water, you can make sure that you are ingesting certain nutrients that are vital for improving your athletic performance.

Reverse Osmosis Water

Instead of buying bottled water, you can have a reverse osmosis-filtering device in your home to create water that is purer. The process of reverse osmosis will remove the minerals and ions from your home’s water. There are several ways to filter your water at home with reverse osmosis devices that attach to the main intake water system, or you can use smaller devices that attach to a kitchen’s sink. You can also attach a smaller device to your kitchen faucet, and there are pitchers available to make reverse osmosis water.

Water that Contains Carbohydrates

If you have trained for a longer amount of time, then it is essential to replace some carbohydrates. You can do this by drinking water that is sold as a sports drink. These watery beverages contain higher levels of magnesium, potassium and sodium along with sugar to replenish the minerals that you have lost while perspiring. Sports drinks are especially important beverages for athletes in training on a hot day.

You don’t need to drink the same types of water all of the time. Most of the time, plain water is enough to keep you hydrated while you are training, but you will enjoy drinking water more when you drink different varieties of water.


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