February 14th, 2024

// Well It’s February 14th

Well it is February 14th. Time doesn't feel real. How is it February already. I am currently sitting at the cafe at the w hotel in Toronto near my house enjoying a great cup of peppermint tea doing some reflecting and I decided I should check in with my blog that I have been neglecting.

What's new?

  • I am still single (but talking to someone)
  • I have to move again
  • I still have not started a prep

I do have a lot to be thankful for but I also have a lot weighing on me. Life is hard alone. But this isnt a negative blog. I am going away to Punta Cana with my friend in March, I an off work for a week and will reset, reorganize and figure my life out, goals, moving etc. My work life is ok but not at all what I ever pictured it to be...but is even any of my life what I had pictured it to be at this age....hell no. I really want to rebrand my fitness content, regrow my online business and sort everything in my life out. In addition I want to also compete and just get back to a happy place.

Other than that I am sorry to anyone who actually reads my blog that I haven't been consistent. I truly just haven't had the motivation to be creative like I use to be. But I am determined to find myself again. So thanks for sticking with me during this process/over the years etc.

If you are alone on Valentines Day like me - Pour yourself a nice glass of your fav sugar free beverage, take a relaxing epsom salt bath, put on a show or if your like me the Cavs vs Bulls game and enjoy. I am also going to be doing a lot of goal setting, gratitude and journalling. I think that those things will keep you In a positive mood and on a good path to self love. <3

Even if your night doesn't look like mine - make it a night where you do positive things that you yourself love and it will be a great valentines.


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