April 9th, 2018

// What Exercises You Should Perform After Cosmetic Surgery – Guest Post

What Exercises You Should Perform After Cosmetic Surgery



When it comes to after-surgery recovery, everything must be taken into consideration: from the actual entity of the surgery itself to how and what exercises perform when you leave the hospital. Cosmetic Surgery is on another level, as you wanna be sure about what you are doing to ensure the fact that you will recover properly. These are some exercises that might help you.


H1: Rest


As soon as you leave the hospital, the only thing you have to do is rest. With this include work, gym and parties. Recovering from a cosmetic surgery requires at least one week of rest, without doing anything. If you are not that young anymore, and you just received a mummy makeover, then this timeframe could be even longer, but first of all, you should listen to what your surgeon says to you after all the process.


H2: Gym Workout? Yes But Go Easy!


If you are a regular gym person, then staying at home recovering might be a problem for you. First of all, you should be aware that, after your "pure rest period" you won't be able to go at your normal speed with the usual gym workout (this based on how challenging the whole operation was), so try to do simple cardio and not too heavy lifting.


H3: No More Than 2 Times A Week


Especially if the operation was heavy and delicate, you should limit yourself going to the gym without being followed by a professional physiotherapist, otherwise, you might hurt yourself on a serious level. It's also important to understand the fact that your muscles will be still recovering from the actual operation, so your "resting timetable" should be longer. My personal advice is (if you are that convinced to go) to go Monday and Friday so you have at least 2 days of full rest between sessions.


H4: Avoid Lifting If Possible


As said before, lifting could be very painful for your body (depending on the area you are training). Lifting is in fact terribly dangerous for someone who just went through a mastopexy operation, as it might cause damages to the integrity of the whole surgery. Don't take the risk and skip the lifting part for a couple of weeks.





H5: Conclusions


In the end, recovering from a cosmetic operation is delicate and must be done with particular attention and self-respect (and also, you don't wanna waste an expensive process, don't you) and it's super important to consult an expert for advice and general instructions, as a medical professional will always be more relevant than some pieces of advice from the internet.



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