September 14th, 2018

// What to Do When You Knock out a Tooth during a Workout

What to Do When You Knock out a Tooth during a Workout

Physical fitness can be great for the body and the mind. It can sometimes wreak havoc on teeth, however. If you get particularly overzealous during a workout, you may knock a tooth out unintentionally. That’s okay, though. Managing a tooth knockout doesn’t have to be complex in any way, shape, or form.

Keep Your Composure

Freaking out about your newly missing tooth will get you nowhere fast. If you want to manage your situation like a rational human being, you need to maintain your composure and figure out a logical plan of action.

Find Your Lost Tooth

Rapidly track down the tooth you just lost. Pick it up by the crown. That means that you should carry it via its soft white section. Make sure the root looks clean and devoid of debris. If you observe any signs of debris at all, rinse it with a saline solution or even milk if u have it. Contact lens formula is a good example of a saline solution. You should rinse the knocked out tooth for just a few seconds. Refrain from putting any water on it.

Put the Tooth in Your Mouth

Attempt to find the appropriate spot for your tooth. You can help it maintain its appropriate position by softly gnawing on a clean cloth or a towel. If you’re unable to put the tooth in your mouth, you should do whatever you can to stop it from drying out. You should put it in saliva or preferably, milk. You can close it up using plastic wrap as well.

Reach out to an Emergency Dentist

A knocked out tooth is a true dental emergency. You can call your dentist and see if they can get you in for a last-minute appointment. If your provider is unavailable at the time, you need to reach out to an emergency dentist. This can be helpful for people who knock their teeth out after hours. It’s critical to get an appointment as soon as possible. Don’t delay taking care of this situation.

If you knock out your tooth during the middle of cardiovascular training or anything else, then it’s no biggie. Emergency dental treatment exists for a reason. It’s there for you to use. An emergency dentist can help you figure out exactly how to proceed. They can give you peace of mind as well. Walking around with a missing tooth can make any individual feel a degree of uncertainty.


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