November 25th, 2015

// Why Nutrition is the Most Important Part of Health and Fitness

I’ve heard so many people say that they can eat what they like because they work out. The reason they usually say this is because of the concept that calories in vs. calories out will help you lose weight. While that’s true, what you put into your body really does matter, whether you exercise or not. Let’s take a look at why nutrition is the most important part of health and fitness:


Your Body Composition


While you might technically ‘lose weight’ from exercising and eating what you want, you
won’t change your body composition. You’ll probably just become something called skinny fat. This means you still have a high body fat percentage (unhealthy and podgy) even though your actual frame has gotten smaller. When you change your body composition, you lose fat and build muscle in all of the right places, giving you an all round tighter and fitter appearance. You can only change your body composition if you’re eating the right foods at the right times. Organic whey protein powder is a brilliant supplement for after a weight workout. Much better than a burger and chips!




Many people take on an ‘if it fits your macros’ approach. This means they can pretty much eat whatever they like providing it fits into their set protein, carbohydrate, and fat intake. Burger and chips included! While this may work for some people, it won’t work for all. Plus, you need to consider the health aspects of things too. If you want to be healthy and not just look it, you need to eat like it!




The food we eat is fuel. It’s as simple as that. It keeps us going and allows us to go about our day with ease. More people need to look at food as fuel, rather than as a way to pass the time. You can still enjoy your food, but its main purpose shouldn’t be enjoyment. Having a treat every once in a while is so much better than having them every day. Each time you eat something, ask yourself whether it’s beneficial to your body. Is it nourishing you and fueling you? If not, you should re-think your food choices.


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We all get cravings from time to time. We’re only human! Fitness professionals love chocolate and doughnuts like everybody else. However, the body will get more cravings for what it eats most of. If you get into a consistent routine with vegetables, you’ll find yourself wanting to eat more of them. If you get into a routine with chocolate and crisps, then you’re going to want more of them too. It’s a vicious cycle. You need to break bad habits and introduce new ones to really make a change to your body!


Hopefully, you now see why nutrition is the most important part of health and fitness. Staying active is important, but if your diet isn’t on point you won’t get very far. Don’t listen to people who say they can eat pizza everyday and stay in shape!


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