October 2nd, 2021

// Why You Need to Fully Recover From Your Injuries Before Getting Active Again

Why You Need to Fully Recover From Your Injuries Before Getting Active Again

As an athlete, you will need to see a sports medicine doctor at some point throughout your career. Injuries always occur and can affect anyone. Following an injury, you need to prioritize your recovery to ensure you can train and perform at your best. Below are the primary reasons why you need to fully recover from your injuries before getting active again.

Recovery Allows Your Muscles to Heal and Makes You Stronger

The damage that physical activity causes triggers your immune system to repair the injuries. When your tissues recover, they become somewhat fitter than they were before the injuries. This way, the next time you do the same exercises, you will not sustain as many injuries. For your body to adapt, you must sustain some injuries. When repeated severally, this process of stress and recovery results in enhanced health and fitness.

Reduce Fatigue and Inflammation

Some injuries can cause muscle and joint inflammation. Muscle inflammation can cause aching muscles, limiting your mobility when working out or running. Correspondingly, joint inflation can cause pain when exercising and result in sore knees, ankles, and hips that can cause further injuries. Ensuring you resume physical activity after recovery helps you become a more durable athlete and remain injury-free.

Improved Mobility and Flexibility

Some injuries can rob you of the ability to move as you used to before the injury. A return to your initial mobility cannot occur overnight, and some movement may never get reinstated. By ensuring you recover fully before getting active again, you regain the physical mobility and flexibility you had before your injuries. Recovery helps reinstate your ability to stand and move normally again. It helps strengthen the muscles in the affected area and enhance your flexibility, allowing you to regain your mobility.

Improved Mental Health

Some injuries impose a considerable mental burden on you. The psychological response to sports injuries can trigger or unmask severe health conditions, including anxiety, depression, substance abuse, and disordered eating. In addition, the emotional reactions that result from processing the medical information concerning the injury given by the medical team can cause sadness, anger, disengagement, and frustration, resulting in stress. Full recovery helps you reduce psychological and mental stress. It creates a sense of well-being, lowers pain experiences, and decreases anxiety. Besides, recovery makes you regain your independence, increasing your confidence and ability to handle the injury and other health-related issues.

Recovery helps improve your overall well-being. When you fully recover before becoming active again, you provide your body with everything it needs to recuperate with time.


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