October 15th, 2012

// Why You Should Know Who @pattheroc Is

Q: Full Name/Nick Names (why)?
Patrick Robinson.  They call me "Pat The Roc" because I dribble the basketball so quick, it's like I'm "Patting" the ball!
Q: What is your  sport and why did you choose to pursue it?
Basketball is my passion! Been playing since I was 5. My mom taught my brother and I how to shoot, ever since then I loved the game.
Q: Who inspired you?
I was inspired by a guy that passed a message on to me which was 3 letters. "A.i.P." which stands for Anything is Possible! That message changed my life.
Q: What sets you apart from other athletes?
On the court, my creativity.  I can do just about anything with a basketball.  Off the court my positive message. I take advantage of my platform and try to inspire kids as much as possible.  I wish all athletes were that way.
Q: Favorite memory from your sport?
Playing in Africa in front of a sold out crowd. There were people watching the game hanging off the fence, from the trees, and literally surrounding the court. One of the most intense enviroments to hoop in!
Q: How do you train for your sport?
I have a regimen of running early in morning, usually 3 miles. Try to make atleast 1000 jumpshots a day, dribble drills 2 hours, weights/crossfit 1 hour, Hills/stairs, and one on one or 5 on 5.
Q: Fav drill?
Anything involving 2 basketballs! Dribbling one ball has become too easy!
Q: What does your typical workout include? Does it vary each day? How many days a week? Everyday I train.  I focus on different skills each day. One day may be legs, improving my hops.  Another day might be lots of pushups in between basketball drills to increase my strength. Depends on what I'm working on.
Q: Top 3 exercises you like to do in the gym?
Q: Any upcoming projects? Ballup tv show this summer on mtv2, movie "Note To Self" coming to BET, Pat The Roc Skills Academy Tour coming to a city near you!
Q: Where do you see yourself in the future? A guy that every basketball player in the world models theirselves after on and off the court.
Q: Words of wisdom to others or favorite quote....
 "AiP" Anything is Possible"
"Before success, is Failure."
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