February 1st, 2019

// Winter Workouts: 4 Outdoor Exercises to Heat You Up

Winter Workouts: 4 Outdoor Exercises to Heat You Up

Some people are less than ecstatic when winter weather arrives. You can't swim or play basketball outside, and long hikes in the country are out of the question. But if you think that there aren't any outdoor activities that you can enjoy, think again. There are plenty of things to do outside that are only a little different than what you do during the summer. Here are a few outdoor activities that you can enjoy during the winter. 

Cross-Country Skiing 
You've seen the cross-country skiing machines at the gym, and there's a reason an exercise machine was created to simulate this activity; it's a great form of exercise, and it's fun, too. You'll love the smooth gliding motion, and it's a great workout for your hips, thighs, calves, core, and arms. 

If you love taking long walks through country lanes, you'll love snowshoeing. You can enjoy the scenery similar to how you enjoy it in the summer. Snowshoes are a type of footwear that goes over your boot to evenly distribute weight so that your foot doesn't sink into the snow. This pastime enables you to your favorite places under different weather conditions, and it's a great workout, too. 

Skiing and Snowboarding 
While these two activities are different and require you to learn slightly different body movements, both of them get you on the slopes. They also both exercise your entire body. When you ski or snowboard, you get to practice balance. It also increases your cardiovascular endurance, and it requires an understanding of the spatial relations between different parts of your body, which is a transferable skill to other types of sports. 

Ice Skating 
You can't get in the outdoor pool or lake during the winter, but you can take a pair of skates out onto a frozen pond or skating rink. When you go skating, like many other winter sports, you'll work your core, glutes, legs, and several other body parts. One of the great aspects of ice skating is that you can develop the activity into other sports. You can either simply skate, or you can work it into another sport, such as figure skating or hockey. 

If you're feeling let down about the snow, ice, and freezing temperatures of the winter season, take the opportunity to explore other activities. There are many benefits to winter sports that can get you out and enjoying the season. Also, if you’re dealing with an injury, ask your physical therapist which winter sports can work into your physical therapyroutine. The more you can get outside and move this winter, the healthier you’ll be.  


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