February 14th, 2019

// Without Bees, Our Food and Flowers Will Look Like These

Without Bees, Our Food and Flowers Will Look Like These

CALGARY, Feb. 14, 2019 /CNW/ - The honey bee ecosystem is fragile and given honey bees are the world's most significant species of pollinator, it's vital that we protect them. One in three bites of food we eat is made possible by bees, so without them, we'd be saying goodbye to our morning coffees, avocado toast and more! What if you could contribute towards a positive bee environment while digging into a little pot of gold? Enter Drizzle Honey, the everyday luxury honey that focuses on local and sustainable beekeeping and might just be your secret ingredient in the kitchen.

Founder Aja Horsley is an environmental scientist-turned-entrepreneur that came to appreciate the increasing urgency to support sustainable beekeeping efforts. "Drizzle proudly sources its honey from apiaries across Alberta which not only keeps the honey completely raw and bee-friendly but also supports local beekeepers," says Aja.

"Our hives are placed strategically so that the bees are far away from pesticides while staying close to diverse floral sources which, in turn, means healthier bees," says Aja. "All in all, we love our bees and it's important that consumers purchase their honey from beekeepers that focus on their welfare as much as they do their output." Drizzle continues to support a bright future for local bee populations by donating funds towards science-based pollinator research through Pollinator Partnerships.

To this day, both imported and Canadian honey companies blend the collected honey from all their hives to maintain a consistent taste year-round. As showcased in the Netflix Documentary, Rotten, many companies cut their honey with corn starch without informing the consumer. Unlike their competitors, Drizzle is proud to offer raw honey that is never filtered or heated while showcasing the unique flavour and colour of different hive locations.

Approved and invested in by local business mogul, Arlene Dickinson, the notion that luxury honey is reserved for tea and toast is passé and Drizzle is challenging that with a robust superfood collection like turmeric and ginger.

Forget the flowers and give the gift of cooking for your sweetie by making our Honey Butter Popcorn on your next movie night. Your honey will love the treat while ensuring there is delicious honey and beautiful flowers for generations to come. Pick up your Arlene Dickinson approved jar of Drizzle at 23 Calgary Co-ops and more. 

Created in 2014 by Queen Bee, Aja Horsley, Drizzle is a raw, bee-friendly honey that supports Canadian beekeepers. The proudly all female-run business is now changing the way the world uses honey by making innovative, health-conscious products that contribute to bee-friendly initiatives and social prosperity. Through its robust product line, Drizzle is on a mission to let the world know honey is an everyday luxury you can feel great about.


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