September 22nd, 2022

// World’s first digitally connected Pilates reformer launches in the U.S.

Ready, set, RX! Reform RX, the world’s first commercial grade, digitally connected Pilates reformer, has officially launched right here in the U.S. – fresh off the heels of announcing the opening of its first experiential showroom and flagship location in Southern California, at a time when other fitness brands are shuttering brick-and-mortar locations.

Unlike other at-home reformers, the RX is commercial grade and digitally connected, meaning users can expect an even more elevated experience than what they might find at a gym or boutique studio – all from the comfort of their own home. 

Reform RX tracks user movement down to the millisecond and then uses a processor to communicate resistance selection, so you can track real time data on power output for the best results, while also receiving key biometric feedback, including movement, calories burned and heart rate.

Reform RX offers members exclusive access to an ever growing library of more than 100 customized live and on-demand classes from expert instructors including celebrity trainers Alyssa Sparks, Lucas Lombardo and Kourtney McCullough, who has personally trained A-list stars including Jennifer Aniston, Kate Hudson and more.

As a disruptor in the connected fitness space, Reform RX has generated buzz among Pilates enthusiasts and fitness industry professionals alike for its premium connected capabilities, futuristic design and commercial grade specifications, including: 

  • 21.5-inch, sweat-resistant, casting-enabled ultra HD touch screen
  • Platform enhanced for safety, style and comfort
  • Custom speakers offering a surround sound experience for optimal clarity
  • RX legs and feet that provide a minimal footprint to ensure freedom of movement with absolute stability
  • Shoulder pads, ergonomically designed for comfort and easy removal
  • Foot pedal, which allows for seamless transition of the foot bar
  • Leg exerciser multifunctional resistance pedal for more versatility than traditional reformers
  • Button-controlled resistance - spring resistance ranging from 22 lbs. to 143 lbs.
  • Bespoke mat grips to comfortably keep you safe from slipping

With more than 15 years of experience in the industry, Reform RX CEO and Co-Founder Yvette McGaffin has tried every piece of Pilates apparatus out there – sparking her inspiration to create this sleek, aesthetically pleasing smart reformer – and can speak not only to all aspects of Pilates from its history to its evolution as a fitness and wellness trend for TikTokers and celebrities alike. 

McGaffin can also speak to what makes Pilates perfect for people of all ages and capabilities with its wide range of benefits including increasing core strength, improving balance, aiding in rehabilitation from injury and providing an amazing positive effect on mental wellbeing. 

Reform RX 1.JPG

Reformer Pilates instructor Kourtney McCullough, one of the founding trainers, pictured on Reform RX, the commercial grade, digitally connected Pilates reformer. (Courtesy)

Reform RX is perfect for features, roundups or stories about the hottest new connected fitness products. In-person demos are now available by appointment only at Reform RX Newport Beach. Reform RX retails at $4,995 and is now available at


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