January 13th, 2021

// Worried About Your Bones and Joints? Workouts to Try for Healthy Aging

Worried About Your Bones and Joints? Workouts to Try for Healthy Aging

There are a plethora of reasons why you tend to slow your activity rate as you grow old. It may be weight gain, poor health, pain issues, weakening muscles, or perhaps worries of failing. Or maybe you are worried about breaking your joints and bones. Whichever the reason, you are missing out on the healthy benefits of an active lifestyle at an old age.

Some studies indicate that physical activities play an important role in adding years to your life (even when you start exercising at an advanced age). Other benefits of exercises include boosting your energy levels, improving your general health, weight management, and maintaining your independence.

Having seen the benefits of exercising at an old age, it’s vital you add exercises into your health regimen. But what physical activities can the seniors take part in given their vulnerabilities? Stick on to find out.


Even though your health doesn’t permit you to carry out a structured workout, simply walk. Walking, even though it’s free, benefits your body by strengthening your bones, improving cardiovascular fitness, boosting muscle power and enhancing endurance.


Yoga provides a holistic approach to fitness, which helps build muscle strength, increases mental health, and improves aerobic fitness, critical for seniors. Even though yoga has a low impact on your bones and joints, it’s still weight-bearing, which means you need to support your body with every posture. This is essential in strengthening both your muscles and bones.

Water Sports

Whether you are swimming, undertaking water aerobics, or playing Marco Polo, water exercises are essential for your heart and strengthening your muscles. And the good thing is that water exercises help you achieve these incredible benefits with minimal stress to your bones and joints.

What if you are not a swimmer? Worry not. You can undertake water aerobics classes on the shallow end of the pool.


If you can’t run or engage in high-impact activities, cycling is an ideal exercise to increase your legs strength. Additionally, cycling helps improve cardiovascular health and bolsters cognitive performance in older persons.

If you are worried about bad weather or inaccessibility to cycling trails, don’t be. Indoor cycling is a worthwhile option to consider. And the good thing with a stationary bike is that you don’t need to worry about falls or wearing a helmet.

You can’t stop the clock, but you can slow its tick. By considering the above mentioned age-friendly exercises, you will be destined for a healthier life in your golden years. And while at it, you can also consider biodensity, which is a safe and effective exercise-based therapy in increasing bone density and bone strength among other health benefits.


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