January 23rd, 2019

// Xultophy® now available in Canada to support improved glycemic control, an issue facing 50 per cent of Canadians with type 2 diabetes

Xultophy® now available in Canada to support improved glycemic control, an issue facing 50 per cent of Canadians with type 2 diabetes

An estimated 3.1 million Canadians live with type 2 diabetes, half of whom do not achieve adequate blood sugar control1,2,3

Once-daily Xultophy® combines insulin degludec and liraglutide to help patients achieve blood glucose targets, with a well-established safety profile4

MISSISSAUGA, ON, Jan. 23, 2019 /CNW/ - Novo Nordisk announced today that Xultophy® (insulin degludec + liraglutide injection), a once-daily, fixed-ratio combination treatment in a pre-filled pen, is now available across Canada for the treatment of type 2 diabetes mellitus.4 Of the 3.5 million Canadians with diabetes in Canada, it is estimated that 90 per cent live with type 2.1,2

"When type 2 diabetes is not optimally managed, it may lead to a number of health issues, including heart diseases, stroke, kidney disease, blindness, nerve damage, leg and foot amputations, and death," says Dr. Irving Gottesman, Endocrinologist, Trillium Health Partners, Credit Valley Hospital, and Assistant Professor, University of Toronto. "Studies have shown that half of Canadians with type 2 diabetes are not currently meeting suggested glycemic targets. A fixed-ratio combination treatment that can make their therapy less complicated can help them meet their targets while reducing the risk of hypoglycemia and possibly reducing weight gain." 

A 2015 study found differences in how physicians and patients perceived 'control' with regards to diabetes management.5Investigators found physicians prioritized HbA1c levels, complications from diabetes and frequency/severity of hypoglycemia in determining whether diabetes is well controlled.5 However, the study found that those living with diabetes considered factors including energy levels, insulin units per day and predictability of life among factors of most importance.5 The difference suggested a need for enhanced communication between patients and physicians to improve diabetes management.5

"Having an open dialogue with patients who are not meeting their blood glucose targets during consultations may provide important insights into helping people living with type 2 diabetes achieve targets based on a variety of factors that are most important to the patient," says Dr. Irving Gottesman.

Xultophy® was approved by Health Canada in April 2018. Xultophy® is indicated in Canada as an adjunct to lifestyle modifications for the once-daily treatment of adults with type 2 diabetes mellitus to improve glycemic control in combination with metformin, with or without sulfonylurea, when these combined with basal insulin (less than 50 units daily) or liraglutide (less than or equal to 1.8 mg daily), do not provide adequate glycemic control.4 Xultophy® can be taken independent of meals, at any time of day, preferably at the same time of the day.4

About the DUAL™ Clinical Development Program
The approval of Xultophy® was based on efficacy and safety data from the DUAL™ (Dual Action of Liraglutide and Insulin Degludec in Type 2 Diabetes) clinical development program. In three DUAL™ trials involving 1,393 randomized adults with type 2 diabetes, patients who were inadequately controlled on liraglutide or insulin glargine and switched to Xultophy® achieved significant reductions in HbA1c.4 For adults inadequately controlled on insulin glargine and insulin degludec, Xultophy® demonstrated clinically significant greater HbA1c level reductions from baseline (-1.83% for the Xultophy® group vs -1.22% for the insulin glargine group and -1.96% for the Xultophy® group vs -0.97% for the insulin degludec group).

The most frequently reported adverse reactions during treatment with Xultophy® were hypoglycemia and gastrointestinal adverse reactions, of which nausea was the most frequently reported and declined as treatment continued.4

About Xultophy®
Xultophy® is a once-daily single injection fixed-ratio combination of long-acting insulin degludec and the GLP-1 RA liraglutide in one pen. 

Insulin degludec lowers blood glucose by facilitating glucose uptake upon binding to insulin receptors on muscle and fat cells and simultaneously inhibiting hepatic glucose output.4 Liraglutide stimulates insulin secretion and decreases glucagon secretion in a glucose-dependent manner.4

About Novo Nordisk 
Novo Nordisk is a global healthcare company with more than 90 years of innovation and leadership in diabetes care. This heritage has given us experience and capabilities that also enable us to help people defeat obesity, hemophilia, growth disorders and other serious chronic diseases. Headquartered in Denmark, Novo Nordisk employs approximately 41,700 people in 77 countries and markets its products in more than 165 countries. For more information, visit novonordisk.caTwitterYouTube


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