January 24th, 2018

// Yoga Paws – Press Release

What are YogaPaws?

YogaPaws gloves and socks are made out of an ergonomic design that keeps the webbing of the hands and feet happy while you exercise. The thick pads encourage correct posture and technique while providing all the comfort and support that Yogi desires. Finger and toe cutouts allow you to take full control of your positioning, while fitted palm and feet coverage boosts your balance and helps evenly distribute your weight while in movement. The gear makes exercising both indoors and outdoors feel effortless and natural - just like it should.


Why YogaPaws?

YogaPaws allow you to practice yoga anytime, anywhere, without the use of a mat. They’re convenient to pack lightly, and have many different uses, too. Check out other ways yogis are using their gloves and socks here! Plus, it’s not just for women – there are men’s sizes and options available, too.


Where can YogaPaws be purchased?

Online, at several different retailers, including their website and Amazon, YogaOutlet.com and more.

Other info & Quick Stats
Click here for the company website: http://www.yogapaws.com
Interview: Jamie Getwiller, CEO/inventor

YogaPaws is a mother/daughter adventure which started in 2001 and officially in launched in 2003. Gail (mother) and Jamie (daughter) Getzwiller share a love for travel and yoga which lead to a natural development of the YogaPaws. Since then, they have embarked on a journey of love and working dedication to produce the best “paws” possible. Yoga Paws have been a product and company that cares about spreading the love and allowing all the yogi's around the world to enjoy as non-slip practice, anytime, anywhere.


Pricing: Full sets begin at $35.00 and in a variety of sizes, ranging from petite, wide and regular.


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