November 11th, 2020


YOU ARE *NOT* WHAT YOU EAT: A NEW PARADIGM FOR HEALTH  Doctor Shares Insight for Wellness During the COVID Holidays Rolling into the holidays this year is going to look a little different. With the continued rising number of coronavirus cases, more and more people will be staying home, curling up, shopping online, and over indulging in holiday treats. As if the shorter days and colder weather didn't make us depressed enough, our health and wellness this time of year has never been more important. Obesity has become a worldwide epidemic for children and adults of all ages. The diet and weight loss industry is an eighty billion dollar business in America alone and that dollar figure has historically been on a steady rise. Yet with all the resources, scientific and technological advancements in our society, how has obesity remained such a huge problem?Pic 1.jpgAccording to Orthopedic Surgeon Dr. Zvi Pearlstein, there is still one major thing missing from the diet industry: self control. "Studies and research suggest that the very profitable business of weight loss is one big scam and is all about taking advantage of troubled people purely for profit. The truth is, it’s all about having self-control..."...says Pearlstein, whose alternative solutions have helped to transform healthcare from the information age. His new e-book, U R Not What U Eat, introduces a new lifestyle paradigm with the tools to positively transform oneself and thereby positively and impactfully change America and the world for the better. Dr. Pearlstein asks the hard questions associated with the diet industry: "Can all the diet books, plans, and companies sell you self-control? Where does self-control come from? Is it learned, genetic, or developed? Does it exist in the body, the heart, the brain, or the Soul? How does all of this really work? Is there something missing with all the diet business stuff? What about addiction and recovery? Is there a better way?" The problems of obesity and addiction are the focus of the weight loss and addiction recovery industries. As Pearlstein explored these and other devastating problems along with the industries associated with them, he offers alternative solutions to many of humanity’s dilemmas.Through Pearlstein's other sectors of business, including the new SitFit Chair™ (total body gym in an innovative non-sedentary, multi-positional, and multi-functional chair), he is able to connect with patients and provide simple and easy solutions to optimize health, wholeness, and happiness through the concept of "Soul & Body". Dr. Zvi Pearlstein is sharing solutions and tips to optimize health during the COVID holidays.  TALKING POINTS (FOR INTERVIEWS & ARTICLES):Health and Wellness Tips During the COVID holidays The New Lifestyle Paradigm What is Missing From the Diet/Wellness Industry?The Power of Self Control Easy Alternative Solutions to Optimize Health, Wholeness and Happiness ABOUT DR. ZVI PEARLSTEIN:dr-zvi.jpgDr. Zvi Pearlstein is a Doctor, Father, Speaker, Author, Inventor... And Trumpeter. From a young age, Dr. Zvi had a deep-seated need and calling to find life’s meaning and purpose to understand and solve pain. His mother Celia passed in 2019 leaving behind writings and poetry of her emotional experiences during the Holocaust in Poland.In 1976 Dr. Zvi received his BA in Biochemistry from Princeton University. In 1981 he received his MD from New York University School of Medicine. He completed a 5-year residency in Orthopedic Surgery at SUNY Downstate in Brooklyn in 1986.As a Major in the United States Air Force, Dr Zvi spent three years practicing orthopedic surgery at Clark Air Base in the Philippines and one year at Andrews Air Force Base in Wash. DC. He did active duty service during Persian Gulf War I. While serving in the Air Force he was a marksman shooter and was awarded the Sikorsky Helicopter Rescue Award.Throughout his career he was looking for truth and often felt that certain problems needed better wellness and lifestyle answers and solutions. As a result, over the past 30 years he developed a series of products, inventions, books, and services, which he now sets in motion with his company Missing Links Health, Inc.For More Information Visit:


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