September 12th, 2018

// Young Woman’s Powerful Story Encourages Others That They Can Turn A Bad Start In Life Into Something Positive

Young Woman's Powerful Story Encourages Others That They Can Turn A Bad Start In Life Into Something Positive

Raleigh, NC, September 11, 2018 ― Deja' was dealt a losing hand, and no one would have blamed her for simply accepting her fate. Her father died before she was born, and her mother chose drug addiction over her daughter. With loneliness consuming her, Deja' could have folded. Should have folded. But instead, she learned how to recycle her pain, and she began drawing from every source of positive influence that entered her life: a God-loving grandmother, a supportive godmother and a street-savvy godfather who taught her how to redirect her pain and survive in this world.

But the challenges just kept coming, and Deja' encountered countless betrayals and abuses along the way, which lead to an unhealthy marriage, and ultimately, a pattern of unhealthy relationships with men that lasted for several years. Aware that she is repeating a family cycle of poor choices, Deja' needs to rally what's left of her strength and determination to break that cycle. Will her fortitude be enough? Or will this final test break her spirit once and for all?

Overcoming the Hand You Were Dealt is the powerful new book from Kisha Taylor. Cultivated from her personal experience with abandonment, Overcoming weaves an authentic and captivating story of struggle, pain, hope and faith that culminates in a heartwarming climax of healing and restoration.

In addition to the book, Taylor's website,, enables her to continue her passion for women's emotional health, with courses that tap into the warrior in every woman, that cover abandonment issues and that help survivors understand why they act and feel the way they do. The website also houses inspirational items like T-shirts and mugs with messages of empowerment, and a blog with videos and messages of encouragement.

Author Kisha Taylor was born in Brooklyn, NY, and from a young age she learned how to navigate the real world of hard knocks. She attended Binghamton University and Baruch College, where she studied accounting and psychology. She became counsel to many, sharing principles on surviving abuse, overcoming life's challenges, healthy ways of handling personal mistakes and how to not surrender to self-defeat.

She is most proud of the lives her journey has impacted, as well as the happiness, confidence and emotional health she now has, which enables her to be a testament of, "You can, if you just don't give up.”

To read more about Taylor, or to view her motivational videos, please visit:,,  or

Overcoming the Hand You Were Dealt
Pendium publishing
Released: 2018
ISBN-10: 1944348409
ISBN-13: 978-1944348403
Available at,, and all other online outlets.


Possible Questions for Kisha Taylor:

How did I forgive my mom for her drug addiction and abandonment?

How did I move past abandonment, molestation and adultery to become a bank VP, own several investment properties, and write a book?

After being molested and spending years fearing men—along with being betrayed by men I cared about—do I believe I can ever trust a man again?

What is one of the greatest threats to success and emotional health for a woman who has experienced betrayal, abuse and abandonment?

What am I most proud of in my life?

If I could do anything differently what would it be?


Goodreads; "From time to time, we get a book that is just screaming, "Me next, me next.” Overcoming the Hand You Were Dealt … was one of those books. It is difficult to believe that this book is the first book out of the chute for this author. Taylor is a master storyteller who tells the story very well…The author writes in such a way that you can feel the pain. You can feel the betrayal. Readers follow as one person after another in the main character's life hurts her in one way or another…Then, we read in this true story of how the main character overcame all odds. How she pulled herself up by the bootstraps she did not have and overcame…We give this book all five stars. It is one of those books you won't want to put down. One that you want to think everything is rosey in the end, but it is about real life.”

Excerpt from Amazon review:

"This book was a good read for women. Never lose your hope and always keep your mind on God and allow him to order your steps was what I got from this book. Thanks for encouraging and uplifting.”


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