January 15th, 2021

// Zenreach Hires Megan Wintersteen as New VP of Marketing

Zenreach Hires Megan Wintersteen as New VP of Marketing

The former Bowlero executive will focus on leveling up ‘customer-centric’ branding and messaging

SAN FRANCISCO, 1/14/2021 — Zenreach, the leader in WIFI powered walk-through marketing and customer engagement for brick-and-mortar businesses, announced today that Megan Wintersteen has joined the team as the new Vice President of Marketing. Wintersteen joins Zenreach with more than 12+ years experience, most recently as the VP of Marketing at Bowlero Corporation where she led all marketing initiatives as well as their ecommerce platforms with a focus on improving brand touchpoints and customer experience. 

As a former client of Zenreach herself, Wintersteen has long been an evangelist for the platform’s ability to measure customer behavior across both on- and offline channels. “Megan is uniquely positioned to understand our clients having been one herself —-- giving her insight into the ways in which Zenreach can provide real, tangible results and reshape the marketing industry,” said Zenreach CEO John Kelly.

Completing executive education coursework at the Wharton School and her Masters in Advertising from the University of Texas at Austin, Wintersteen has held leadership positions at major advertising agencies, including strategy roles at Rokkan and Huge. At Bowlero, she led the redesign and replatforming of 5 brand websites including their ecommerce platform. Under her leadership, Bowlero won an Acquia Engage Award for an improved customer experience that led to a 33%+ increase in online revenue. 

“Megan has proven time and again that she understands the needs of customers and how to deliver industry-leading experiences that drive growth,” said Kelly. “Her background will translate to better experiences for every one of our clients.”

“Across my career, I’ve seen that the best brands operate from a ‘customer-first’ approach that focuses on providing the best user experience possible,” said Wintersteen. “As a former Zenreach user and fan, I understand how the platform provides unparalleled value to brick-and-mortar brands and I look forward to bringing that first-hand knowledge to the forefront of Zenreach marketing efforts.” 

For more information about how Zenreach can use footfall attribution to transform your businesses visit www.zenreach.com


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