April 4th, 2017

// ZeroWater Filtration – A Review

When you think of at home water pitcher water filters you probably think of a jazzy snazzy commercial. BUT have you tried ZeroWater?

Before I tried it out, I decided to do a little research on it and other water filters on the market and I found that ZeroWater seemed to have more benefits for what I was looking for. Unlike a lot of water filters on the market (even the ones more known), Zero Water has a 5 stage filter whereas many there have 2 or 3. It also removes practically all of the extra stuff out of the water, whereas some other brands have a far less percentage of doing so. Knowing these facts had me sold.

After trying out the water filter system, I must say that I have noticed a clear difference in my water. Not only does it taste better, but it seems to be cleaner to me. Like me, you might prefer bottled water to tap water anyway, but like me you've probably also noticed that bottled water has become another household "bill". Getting a water filter system can eliminate that all together. So not only will you get a greater quality of water, but overtime you'll find that you're saving money and using less plastic (we're eco friendly over here at Train It Right).

The Zero Water website has a cool feature as well that allows you to type in your zip code (depending on what country you're from) and check your TDS reading. Check it out on their site www.zerowater.com and have a look around to check out their water filtering system!

Happy and clean drinking to you!


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