August 19th, 2016

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Zespri Green and SunGold

If you guys are tuned into the Olympics like I am you must be feeling motivated to get your health and fitness not track! You don’t need to head to Rio for a taste of Gold this summer. Zespri® Green and SunGold Kiwifruit are a refreshing and nutritious snack that will keep you on top of your game.


I was lucky enough to find an amazing box full of kiwi at my door step this week! Nothing screams refreshing like fresh Gold Zespri kiwifruit! I was excited because my box came with a little kiwi scoop that makes eating them a whole lot easier! They even gave me a nice apron to wear will I cut up the delicious green fruit.


Did you know:

With just one serving of Kiwi there are over 20 vital nutrients and boasting more vitamin C than an orange, kiwifruit plays an important role in boosting your performance and maximizing recovery during athletic activity.

The green fruit are also power up with potassium. Any professional athlete will tell you an important factor in achieving a successful workout is remaining hydrated. As the intensity of the workout increases, key electrolytes (like potassium) are lost through sweat glands.  Two kiwifruit contain an equal amount of potassium as an extra-large banana, and will also improve performance while replenishing lost energy.

Kiwi also help with alkaline balance. Did you know it is essential your gut has the proper pH balance. Foods like kiwifruit, which are heavy in alkaline, allow you to neutralize your stomach’s acidity, which gives you more energy.

Kiwi fruit are also a good source of fibre. Not only does fiber lower cholesterol and help maintain a healthy weight; but a high-fibre diet is a big player in muscle growth, and will provide you with the energy you need to perform at your best. Two kiwifruit contain more fibre than a bowl of bran cereal. Now that's a lot of fibre!

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Thanks again Zespri for brightening up my day and refreshing my palate!




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