February 13th, 2021

// 10 Ways To Eat Healthy In 2021

10 Ways To Eat Healthy In 2021

Alicia Bell IFBB Figure Pro

This week I am dishing about Eating Healthy. With over 12 years experience in Personal Training, Kinesiology, Precision Nutrition and Athletics Coaching. I have learned what works and what doesn't. I have picked up some truths and strategies along the way that I implement with my own practices as well as my recommendations for my clients. Here are my top ten healthy eating tips for 2016. These ten strategies will help you eat healthier and stay on track so that you will succeed in achieving your goals. 

Sweat More

When you workout hard and you lots of time in at the gym you are more likely to want to eat healthy. When you sweat your body rids itself of toxins. One of the most common things I hear from my clients is “I just worked my butt off in the gym for hours, why would I want to eat crap now and cancel out all of my results.” There couldn't be more truth to this. Why waste all of your hard earned sweat on a cheat food that you will probably regret afterwards? Most people find it isn't worth it.

The 10 Gulp Rule

I always suggest drinking a minimum of 3-4L of water for many reasons. Some of these reasons include speeding up your metabolism, riding the body of toxins and hydration. A lot of times we mistaken thirst and hunger believe it or not. So instead of reaching for a quick snack reach for a bottle of water first. But when you do remember this rule: The 10 Gulp Rule. When you pick up your bottle always gulp down 10 times. This will help you get in all of that water that I suggest. 

Keep A Food Journal

It doesn't matter if you use an organizer, food planner or even a notepad or an app such as Myfitnesspal, I recommend that you track your food. Food journaling helps you realize just exactly what you are eating, the type of food it is, how many calories and where you can improve. It is also a great way to see how your body reacts to certain foods, meal timing and your energy levels compared to what you are eating. If you like journaling vs an app. Try Fitbook

Eat Slowly

Did you know that a lot of our digestion actually begins in the mouth? When you don't properly chew your food you may be missing out on key nutrients that might not get extracted further on in your digestive system. Also it has been proven that when you chew your food slowly you are less likely to overeat because it allows your body time to send the signal that your stomach is full to your brain. When you chomp down an entire meal quickly your stomach doesn't send the signal to the brain in time and then it is too late and you have already overate. 

Sign Up For A Meal Delivery

You “don’t have time” is honestly often times a legitimate excuse. More and more we are purchasing food. I personally have a hard time between work, coaching, training myself and content creating to cook food so I now rely on a meal delivery service to help keep me on track. Not only is the food delicious but it is customized and also delivered fresh to my door.

Make Overnight Oats So That You Always Have Breakfast Available

A lot of my clients are in a rush for breakfast and often skip it. Be prepared and pre make your breakfast. One of my favorite go to breakfasts are overnight oats. It's a simple grab and go if you prepare it the night before. Go here and check out some great recipe options from eatthis.com

Eat By Using Proper Serving Sizes

Without meaning to we tend to undereat, over eat or binge. Precision Nutrition gives us a great guide to go by while we are on the go that is simple, always on us and easy to measure. What could this be you ask? Your hands. Yep you read that right. Follow this PN Guide to forgetting calorie counting and simply using your had to measure the amount of food you should be eating. 

Make Mug Cake When You Are Craving Something Sweet

One of the best ways to satisfy a sweet craving or if you are particularly craving some sort of cakey substance is curbing your appetite with a mug cake. A protein mug cake that is. I usually find my recipes on pinterest but if you don't have pinterest you can get a lot of yummy mug cake recipes from dailyburn.com

More Greens

Don’t be afraid to make friends with salad. The more greens you have the better. Not only do greens have loads of health benefits, give you energy but they also take a lot of energy for your body to digest. It's basically a win from all angles. However if you simply can't chew down loads of leafs supplement with products like Greens+ to make sure that you are getting all of your servings that you should be having so that you can maximize the health benefits, have energy and keep your diet healthy. 

Have Protein In Your Gym Bag For A Post Workout Shake

When I am on the go I always keep a plastic baggie with a scoop of my favorite protein with me. This way I can quickly mix it up with water and I don’t have to eat take out or even cheat on my healthy diet. I love HD MUSCLE and you can use my CODE: Trainitright to save 10%

Make 2021 the year that you eat healthy, stick to your plan and achieve your goals. I know that these tips will help you just as they have helped both myself and countless clients and athletes that have worked with me over the years.  Make it a habit not phase and Train It Right.

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